Shravan Shivaratri Vrat

Published On : July 4, 2022  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Shravana Shivratri Vrat And Its Importance

Shivratri vrat is observed in the month of Shravana, to gain the divine blessings and favor of omnipotent lord Shiva. This tithi marks its special importance. In every month of Krishna Paksha during Chaturdashi, this vrat-anusthan is observed to gain the divine favor of lord Shiva. On the occasion of Shivratri during Phalguna month, the Shiva temples in all over places are decorated in a splendid way. The enthusiasm of people from all over India for this occasion is on a fever pitch. Temples are adorned in a very beautiful way by devotees and followers. Similarly, on Shivratri of Shravana month, famous temples and Shivalayas are decorated attractively, and being witnessed there at the temples is a large gathering of devotees of lord Shiva. Because, the religious importance of Shravan Shivratri Vrat is equally important as that of the one observed during Phalguna month. Shravana month is considered very auspicious, according to Hindu mythology. This is the day when lord Shiva, along with his families, such as Aadi Shakti Mata Parvati, Ganesha, Nandi, Kartikeya and other divine beings, walk down on earth. Also, the advent of lord increases the importance of Shravana Shivratri, considering it marks double benefits, due to which Shiva temples and Shivalayas are decorated gorgeously, and the shrines witness a huge gathering of devotees. Grand and royal procession of lord Mahakaleshwar is also organized in Ujjain, due to which the spirit of devotions and reverence engulfs the whole community of devotees. On this occasion, being witnessed is the sight of huge gatherings of Kawadiyas at temples and Shivalayas. And to gain the divine favor of Lord Shiva, these Kawadiyas offer their Gangajal, that they fetch from holy banks of Gangotri, Gurmukhi, Haridwar and Sultan Ganj, to Shiva Lingaa ensconced in Jyotirlingas and local temples of Shiva. They conduct worship of lord Shiva with a variety of rituals, which eliminates sins of devotees, and it also augments the importance of Shravana Shivratri, to a greater degree of reverence

Puja Methods For Shravana Shivratri Vrat

Although Shravana month carries a lot of vrat occasions, but Monday and Shivratri vrat of Shravana carries utmost significance for those devotees unable to follow month-wise cycle of vrats/fasts. In other words, this vrat festival brings forth a great opportunity for devotees. A day before Shravana Shivratri vrat, get ready for the fast, follow rules and self-control ritual, wake up early in the morning (before sunrise), and after attending your daily routines, wear clean clothes. Materials related to Shiva-pujan, like Vilva-patra, Bhang, dhatura, curd, milk, ghee, honey and sugar, scented flowers, and sweet fruits etc. should be accompanied to perform Shiva-pujan. You can also have the puja conducted by a learned Brahman priest. Recite the names of lord Shiva. Conclude your puja with donations and by offering your worship to Lord Shiva.

Story Of Shravana Shivratri Vrat

Lord Shiva, the endeared divine being to ghosts, has many stories revolving around Him, as discussed in religious texts. One of the stories talk about a hunter and a deer. Another one relates to creation of Shiva Lingaa. Thus, by remembering the names of Lord Shiva, many sufferings and sorrows of the mankind get removed. Therefore, listen to the names of the lord with great devotions, due to which attainment of desired results will happen in your life.

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