Shri Krishna Janmashtami

Published On : July 10, 2022  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Shri Krishna Janmashtami Vrat And Festival

This festival is a great religious path intended to strengthen the pillar of religions, as well as a very sacred motivational tool to inspire people towards seeking the path of truth. It is a path leading to elimination of evil forces and ensuring wellbeing of the mankind. It is the most beneficial festival which strengthens the pillar of devotions. The birth of Lord Krishna was to serve the purpose of eliminating the evil force ravaging the earth and instituting the religion. Shri Krishna Janmashtami festival is celebrated to tribute the birth of devotees-benefactor lord Shri Krishna on this beloved motherland called India. This festival is not only celebrated in India but in all parts of the world where people who follow Hinduism are devotees of Krishna, in every year on Ashtami tithi of Krishna Paksha during Bhadrapada month. Devotees, men and women, take Sankalp and observe fast or vrat during the day. Temples are adorned beautifully and devotees listen to devotional sermons and stories that take place at different places. Lord Krishna was born at 12 am at night, thus explaining why devotees at all the temples of Krishna and other temples do Jagran to honor the birth of the lord. Along with that, the devotees adorn the images of Krishna at their homes and have puja performed by brahman priests. Devoted to lord Krishna, the devotees offer the lord a variety of sweets and fruits. Attractive shows are also organized in which beautifully-dressed children project pristine images of Lord Krishna. Baby boys and baby girls, during this occasion, dress and prettify themselves in exact replica of Shri Radha and Shri Krishna. Everything appears as if none but lord Krishna himself has appeared on earth captivating everyone with his divine grace. Therefore, the festival of Shri Krishna Janmashtami is a unique example of devotion, as Brahma Purana says that lord Krishna was born from Devaki on Ashtami of Krishna paksha in Bhadrapada of Dvapara Yuga. Special divine blessings/punya are obtained by performing fast/vrat during this festival.

Wonderful Secrets To Shri Krishna Janmashtami

The almighty lord Krishna and his incarnation on earth is an incident full of wonderous mystery. Because, among all divine incarnations of lord Vishnu, the incarnation of lord Krishna is construed to be the most benefic and protecting for the mankind and religion. He is born to the parents, Vasudeva and Mata Devaki. He blesses the devotees as a result of their meditations and vrat with the happiness of maternity and paternity. The lord who is the creator of an emotional attachment himself gets trapped into its labyrinth and obeys this cosmic creation. He enchants everyone with his puerile playful acts. So many wonderful tales about the lord makes anyone smitten with the divine charm. Among a lot of stories about lord Krishna, out of which the chief one relates to the tale of his birth to the mother Devaki on Dvapara Yuga in order to put an end to the mounting tyranny unleashed by Kansa, the son of Mathura’s king, Ugrasena which terrorized saints and mankind as whole.

The Importance Of Vaishnava And Smarta Fasting On Sri Krishna Janamashtami:

The fasting on Shri Krishna Janmashtami is observed by everyone. But it is observed by the people of Vaishnavism and Smarta sect, in which people of which community, when and on which date will observe the fasting is decided, according to Panchang. Smartas are those (ordinary householders) who observe a fast from the seventh day (Saptami). However, Ashtami date sometimes falls at mid-day or mid-night, Vaishnava people (monks and other people who have renounced from the household lifestyle) observe the fast on Ashtami Vyapini. They celebrate the fast and birth anniversary of lord Sri Krishna Janmashtami on Rohini Nakshatra at midnight. Smarta community celebrates Ashtami consisting of Saptami. But the Vaishnavism community believes in the date of Ashtami starting from the sunrise. Similarly, in our official holiday and temples of Mathura, the holy birthplace of Shri Krishna, observe the fast, following the sunrise timing or Ashtami, which correlates to Vaishnava sect. in other words, people of the Vaishnav sect take a fast in their date while Smarta community fasts in their respective date, due to which importanc  Shri Krishna Janmashtami increases. Because all the people of the community get special religious benefit and virtue of fasting on their own date. This year, the festival of Shri Krishna Janmashtami will be celebrated on 11,12 August, 2020, on Tuesday and Wednesday of Krishna Paksha Tithi Ashtami during the month of Bhadrapada, with great enthusiasm throughout India and the world.

The Oracle Concerning The Birth Shri Krishna

According to the plot found in our religious texts, there happened a miraculous oracle in the sky during the birth of Lord Krishna in Dvapara Yuga, saying, “O! Kansa! The cousin whom you are sending so dearly to her in-laws, her eighth son will be the cause of your death. And he will kill you and end your sins from the earth. And he will establish religion.” On hearing such a prophecy, Kansa got scared and thought why should I kill my sister to put an end to this prophecy. Thinking so, as soon as he drew a sword from the sheath to kill his cousin sister, her husband Vasudev stopped Kansa and said "Hey Kansa! Do not kill her; she is innocent. You are afraid of her eighth son, so, whatever son she births, I will hand over the baby to you. Hearing this, Kansa was happy and granted life to Devaki. However, the frightened Kansa got both of them into jail and as soon as Devaki birthed any child, Kansa would kill him. Thus, there came a time for which the oracle happened, that the ruler of Universe, lord Vishnu incarnated as a form of earthling/Nartan. At that time, the entire security system of the sinner Kansa failed totally. That very auspicious day was at 12 o'clock at the night of Krishna Janmashtami. When the Lord was born, a wonderful light spread among the thick darkness and the cuffs of his parents unlatched automatically. And eager to see Shri Hari, Nanda and his wife, and all the Gokul villagers, father Vasudev delivered the baby Krishna there and in return, brought with himself Nandrani's baby girl. The black night of the month of Bhadrapada which was looking very terrible, father Vasudev secured Lord Krishna and the condition of the jail reverted to its earlier state. When all the guards woke up and heard the cry of the baby girl, they informed Kansa. Being afraid of his death, Kansa did not pay heed to persistent request of his sister, and as soon as he raised up the child to kill, that ultimate divine power called Yogmaya flew in the sky and said loudly, “O idiot Kansa! Your death is born already.” This petrified Kansa more and sent out his army of demons to kill Yogmaya, but the divine almighty deity killed them all easily. Lord Sri Krishna used to light up Everyone & 39;s mood through his many playful activities.

Shri Krishna Janmashtami And Muhurta

This is the greatest festival commemorating the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna. On this occasion, devotees from India and all over the globe, visit Mathura, the birthplace of Krishna, to see Yogeshwar Krishna. The child-plays of Lord Krishna and the teachings of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita are presenting excellent life philosophy to people, since a very long time. On this occasion, special festival is organized in Mathura, where decoration is very attractive and breathtaking. Large gathering of people celebrates this festival by reaching Mathura, on this occasion. Temples and Lord tableau are specially decorated to make them look attractive. On this festival, the whole of India from Mathura becomes immersed in the divine lord of Krishna. There is a very panoramic view of Krishna’s leelas and stories. Baby Krishna is cradled. The swing of the lord is kept in the premise of the temple for all the devotees to see it.

The Results Of Fasting On Shri Krishna Janmashtami

Sri Krishna Janmashtami fast is said to induce a great welfare during this festival. By observing this fast with devotion and rituals, many kinds of diseases, and sufferings of the body end. And sorrow and grief get cured. Devotees get the benefit of good luck. Due to the devotion and virtue dedicated to God, life becomes blessed. In the end, the devotees become entitled to gain salvation. This Janmashtami fast is very pious. The person gets the grace of a stable Lakshmi (monetary gain), if they observe this fast. But those who do not observe this fast deliberately, are said to take birth as snake or lion and are condemned to forest livelihood for the rest of their lives, according to Puranas, such as Skanda Purana. Similarly, the Bhavishya Purana states that a person who does not fast during Shri Krishna Janmashtami are condemned to various types of sorrows, and, in next birth, he/she is born as a monster. Therefore, faithfully observe fast during this festival to attain virtuous blessings.

Method For Shri Krishna Janmashtami Vrat And Puja

Follow the rules and restraint on the eve of Janmashtami fast and stay away from alcoholic and anger-inducing diet etc. And in the morning, get up in Brahma Muhurta, finish your daily routines like attending washroom etc. and wear new clean or washed clothes. Remember God by sitting in pure posture. Sprinkle water while chanting the holy mantra and then pray to Yogeshwar Sri Krishna, “O lord! You are the transcendent and the giver of the world. May I have the power and devotion to observe this fast and grant me welfare all my ways.” Thus, take the Sankalp/resolution of your fast. Or, get this resolve ritualized by priests or any Brahmin attending such affairs. After collecting various types of dry fruits, Makhan and Mishri and flowers, fruits and other items endeared to Lord Shri Krishna, worship the lord with Shadopchar method or get it done ritually. Till the time of Lord Krishna birth, or till 12 O’clock at midnight, keep observing Jagran. Due to the virtuous benefit of this vrat, it is also called the king of vrat.

Significance Of Shri Krishna Janmashtami

While this festival has a great importance on the front of religion, social, judicial and spiritual, on the other hand, it remains very special and educative for us. This is a festival of mutual brotherhood and harmony for us. By chanting the names of Shri Krishna and Radhe Krishna and observing Jagran at night, the devotees get enlightenment. This relieves devotees of the needless temporal attachment

Education And Message Of Shri Krishna Janmashtami

This festival promotes mutual brotherhood and harmony. It gives the message of mutual cooperation, adopting the religion of justice, and sticking to the truth. In human life, it gives the message that no matter how much resourceful those who commit sins, wrongdoing and atrocities may become, as soon as the axis of justice and truth and religion rotates, there comes the result of complete eradication of unrighteousness and tyranny, in the same way as a ray of light destroys entire darkness. On the second day of Shri Krishnashtami, the Navami of Bhadra, celebration of Nandotsav is in full swing. On this occasion, the Charnodak of the Lord is drunk, and it is also sprinkled all over the body. Many melodious musical instruments are also played on this occasion. Lord Krishna, the teacher of the world, gives a very harmonious message to remove all kinds of darkness from people., which still serves a hopeful revival of welfare for the entire world. Although many devotional literature and educational stories related to Lord Krishna are being written since ages, we have also a long series of famous devotees in every age. Lord Shri Krishna is endowed with sixteen arts. Whether he has the sweet melody of flute or the art of killing the wretched souls or war skills etc., he remains paramount in the arts of politics, family, dance, music and so forth. In this way, the sinners who pollute the clean image of society and conduct unrighteousness, the lord ensures institution of religion in the world by killing the wicked like Shishupala, Kansa Duryodhana and Shakuni. And the lord gives a very clear message of emancipation to those believing in lustful pursuit of happiness. Because the creature is born out of their karma and they have to be born to enjoy the results of their karma. However, Lord Yogeshwar Shri Krishna is not in the control of any attachment. Rather, the entire karma and attachment/Maya are under his control. For example, whatever part that a dramatist presents, he ties it to the rules, similarly; the lord is the teacher of the universe and its savior. No illusion permeates Him. He is Natwar. Because he understands the devotion and love of everyone in the world. Whether it is the love of gopis, their complains, or the matter of eating banana peels at the house of Maharaja Vidur, or breastfeeding himself to Pootana giant, all are very interesting and instructive stories for the society. Lord Krishna extends his divine merriment at Yashoda and Nand’s village, due to which he is called Anandkada; meaning – the festival of Shri Krishna Janmashtami is quite instructive for us.

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