Important Facts about Solar Eclipses (Surya Grahan)

Published On : February 13, 2017  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Be Enlightened With Key Details Of Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse and Earth – 06th January 2019

Important Facts About Solar Eclipses: There have always been negative or positive effects of Sun Planet (Surya) and other planets of the solar system on our Earth. Our planet cannot be unaffected by the celestial events taking place on the Sun, planets and other constellations. It is also known to us that man is also affected by every positive or negative event taking place on the earth which is known to everyone. Among all the beings of the earth, only humans are special that have rational thinking ability to analyze the celestial events and its effects on the earth and human life. Solar and Lunar eclipses are one of such events. The effect on eclipse can be clearly seen as changes in the sea tides pattern. Further, the sun has a direct impact on various seasons of the earth. On the earth, we see patterns like sunrise, sunset, sunlight, plants, day, night, heat, cold, and all the living beings obtain the life energy from the Sun which is the perennial source of energy. It is believed that even human lifespan is directly associated with the sun. If there is no sun then we will not see the day, night, heat, or sunrise etc. hence we can say that sun is the source of every being on earth. Thus it is the soul or the spirit of this world. This is said in the Vedic verse “suryah Atma JagatasthuShashcha”. As per the scriptures, Sun is the soul of the world and moon is the mother of the world. Both of these get affected by the eclipse and both have a direct effect on our lives. They certainly have an important role in our lives. Sun is the source of life on the planet. There have been many pieces of research on the Sun from the ancient time until the present times. India was the first to begin the research on this subject. The knowledge and importance of sun in ancient India can be seen in various ancient texts, poetry, folklore, hymns and folk songs. Sun is connected with us during every moment of our lives. The everyday sun brightens our houses with divine light and instills life energy in us. When the sun is eclipsed then how can the inhabitants of earth stay unaffected by its effects? Let us know more about the upcoming first solar eclipse (Surya Grahan) of this year.  Get a detailed yearly Finance Report from expert Best Astrologer in South Delhi at Pavitra Jyotish

Solar eclipse in a nutshell

We find many Vedic, puranic, astrological as well as scientific references for a solar eclipse. As per the Vedic texts, Sage Atri had a commendable knowledge on this subject. Even the Puranic literature including Matsyapurana, Devi Bhagwatam etc. talk of various eclipses and its effects on human. They also talk about activities like charity, devotion etc. to be done during the eclipse. Apart from this, many scriptures talk in detail about the things to be done and activities which should be avoided during the period of eclipse. They also mention various provisions for children, pregnant woman, and elderly people on what rules are to be followed by them during the eclipse.

Though the modern science does not correlate its principles with the mythological stories and scriptures and has its own ways of research and proofs with strong evidence. Hence, as per the scientist’s, a solar eclipse is an event where the moon comes in between the Earth and the Sun. As a result, the moon’s shape covers the visibility of the sun for a brief duration this causes the solar eclipse. These solar eclipses could be seen as partial, total, or annular eclipses from time to time. The event of the solar eclipse only takes place on the dark fortnight new moon (Amavasya of Krishna Paksha). It is necessary that the degrees of the sun and moon should be closer to that of Rahu or Ketu. As per Matsyapurana, Rahu is responsible for Chandra grahana and Ketu is responsible for Surya grahana. The knowledge of ancient Vedic seers on various subjects like Astrology, astronomy, and the solar system is also affirmed by the scientific findings time to time. There is no need to prove these facts again and again as these events are self-evident. The event can be observed by everyone of this earth and its effect cannot be denied by any individuals of the planet. Be it a layperson or a scholar or some influential person like politician, soldier, or a physician, they all face the good or bad effects of the eclipse in a form or another. To avoid the negative effects of the eclipse, one must chant the mantras of the Sun such as Om Hraam Hreem Hraum Saha Sooryaaya Namahaccording to one’s capacity and should donate the prescribed items during the eclipse. Taking bath at sacred rivers such as Ganga or Yamuna at pilgrim places such as Allahabad, Haridwar etc. makes one free from the negative effects of the planets and eclipse. It is advised not to look at the eclipse without the help of instruments like a telescope. Few hours before the eclipse, the sutaka period begins during which the food and water products get polluted. This can be avoided by placing a few strands of Kusha grass or some ganga jal in these items. One should not store the food cooked before the eclipse at it is devoid of any positive energy and hence not fit for consumption.

Mythological legend

As per Matsya Purana, a demon named Rahu (Swarabhanu) deceitfully entered the group of Devas who were being given the divine nectar by Sri Hari himself. Surya and Chandra recognized this deception and hinted it to Lord Vishnu who for the sake of the welfare of the creation decided to punish the demon for his unfair and wrong actions. He threw his weapon Sudarshana on Swarabhanu and as a result, his body was ripped into two parts. From then on, the head portion is called as Rahu and the remaining body is known as Ketu. As he had already consumed some portion of Amrita, he did not due but continued to live with two parts known as Rahu and Ketu respective. As a revenge to Surya and Chandra who were responsible for his body getting cut into two, he continues to overshadow sun and moon respectively which is known as Surya or Chandra grahana (eclipse). This can be confirmed by the reference of the following verse:-

tasya  kanthamanuprapte danavasyamrrite tada  |

Akhyatam chadramsuryabhyam suranam, hitakamyaya ||

Ancient Vedic and Puranic texts, with respect to eclipse, say that during an eclipse, married women should avoid taking head baths. Apart from this, women who are undergoing monthly periods during the eclipse should avoid bathing in water bodies like lakes or ponds. They should take bath separately. Further, the texts say that one should not touch any idols or worship articles during the period of eclipse or during the time of Sutaka. During eclipse, it is advised not to consume food or water products. Further, one must avoid sleeping, oiling the hair, intercourse or unwanted talks during this period. However, elderly, children, sick people, and pregnant women can consume some food, water, or medicines if needed. During the eclipse, pregnant women should be cautious. They should avoid doing concentration needing tasks and should try to remain happy and spend the time in devotional activities for the well being of the child. She should avoid shouting, crying, fighting, or using unpleasant words during this time. To protect herself and the child from the negative impact of the eclipse, she should apply some other mixed with little water to the navel and around the chest region. As per the scriptures, one day before the eclipse and three/four days after the eclipse is the period which should be avoided for beginning or finishing any auspicious or religious ceremonies or vratas. Hence those who have faith in religion and tradition should try to follow as many rules as possible during this time. Even those who believe that there is no impact of the eclipse on humans, should once go through the scriptures and various references of eclipse and come to a conclusion after discussing with learned scholars. Having trouble with some chronic ailment or difficulty in repaying debt, consult Pavitra Jyotish to get an answer in detail about the Astrological Solution.

Effect of the solar eclipse on various zodiac signs

There is a certain impact of the solar eclipse on every individual of the planet. Whether the eclipse is visible or not is the factor which decides it’s positive or negative effects and intensity on various individuals of twelve zodiacs. In Vedic Astrology, there are certain protocols about interpreting the effects of the eclipse on various zodiac signs. This year there will be an annular solar eclipse taking place on 06th January 2019. It will occur on the Amavasya of Phalguna month on Sunday. As the solar eclipse will not be visible in the Indian subcontinent, there will be no need to follow any religious restrictions and procedures during the eclipse. However, it is always beneficial to do Pitru tarpanam and charity on every Amavasya for appeasement of the deceased ancestors. This annular solar eclipse will be visible in regions of Southwest Africa, South America, and the southern nations of South America like Brazil, Argentina etc. It will be also visible in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans and in Antarctica. The beginning, ending and total duration of this annular solar eclipse according to Indian Standard Time will be as follows: the first contact of the partial eclipse will be from 05.41 pm. Start of the annular eclipse will be from 06.46 pm. Maximum eclipse will be observed at 08.11 pm. End of annular eclipse will be at 10.41 pm and end of the partial eclipse will be at 11.06 pm.

Note: As the annular solar eclipse is not visible in India. We have not provided the detailed effects of the eclipse on various zodiac signs.

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