Venus (Shukra) Transit in Pisces (Meena) 27th January 2017

Published On : January 15, 2017  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Venus Transiting Pisces And Its Planetary Results

Venus (Shukra) Transit in Pisces (Meena) 27th January 2017

Venus makes a long stay in that dreamy, romantic healers of the zodiac, a dual-natured watery sign Pisces this time. Venus gets exalted in Pisces. Viewing this stay of Venus in Pisces Zodiac (Meena Rashi) becomes a notable event. Venus enters Pisces around 27th January and leaves Pisces to enter fiery sign Aries around 31st of May. Venus transits (enters) Aquarius (Kumbha) to Pisces (Meena) January 27, 2017 (Friday) at 20:31 and Venus transits (enters) Pisces (Meena) to Aries (Mesha) May 31, 2017 (Wednesday) at 09:11. In between Venus turns retrograde from around March 04, 2017 (Saturday) at 14:39 and become direct in motion April 15, 2017 (Saturday) at 15:48. In between Venus remain in a state of combustion from around 21st March to 25th of March.

Pisces is last sign of the zodiac. It is dual-natured last of the watery sign. Pisces is ruled by benevolent Jupiter. In Vedic astrology, Pisces is related to salvation. It is kind of relieving point. Experience of worldly pain is extreme. There is a strong urge to get relieved and be at peace. On the negative side, greed is embedded in the psyche. Pair of fish is the sign of Pisces. As a kind of natural phenomenon, big fish swallows small fish.

Venus is mostly linked with love and intimate relationship. Venus (Shukra) is also concerned with money, wealth and all kind of luxuries. Literature, poetry and all tender kind of things is the domain of Venus. Venus is about the relationship, whether good or bad. When Venus is at work you are likely to have all kind people gathering around you. Use of discretion does not work with Venus here. Retrogression of Venus gives you time to taste commitment level and integrity of the concerned person. Then it is up to you whether to continue or get out of the relationship. Venus is measured as a savior, rescuer. When all curtains are down and no light is seen at end of the tunnel, the transit of Venus can turntable for you. A longer stays on Venus in one sign signals better times for one in mess. Let us now see, how this movement of dear Planet Venus is to work for your Moon sign.

How Venus (Shukra) Transit on January 27, 2017 Will Affect You!

Venus (Shukra) Transit effect in all Twelve Zodiac Signs (Rashis)

Aries (Mesh Rashi)

Venus holds a portfolio of the second and seventh house for your sign. The second house is about finance and family among other things. The seventh house is linked with confirmed kind of relationship. The confirmed relationship is a partner for life and business partner if any. Venus traverses through the 12th house for your sign. The 12th house is about expenses and losses. Transit of Venus through the 12th house prompts you to enjoy luxuries. You may go for buying luxuries and added comforts. You can be in kind of spending spree, during transit of Venus. You are to have an enjoyable time with family. As a ruler of the seventh house, camping in the 12th house can put you in discomfort at times in relationship with your partner for life, if you are married. You need to handle the issue in marital life tactfully and with due delicacy. Keep communication live and spend some quality time with a partner for life often. This helps in maintaining warmth and sense of belonging in a relationship. If having a partner in the business, keep communication with a partner. Also, keep him in the loop about developments.

Taurus (Vrishabh Rashi)

Venus is the ruler of your sign. Venus also holds a portfolio of the sixth house for your sign. The sixth house is about ailment sickness, debt and can be construed as a house of adversity.  Viewing this movement of Venus plays a vital role in your sign. Venus moves through the eleventh from your sign. The eleventh house is linked with wish fulfillment and relationships in general. As such Venus in the 11th house is not construed as much benefit in terms of monetary gains. Transit of Venus in the eleventh house is to facilitate new relationship as well. This turns out favorable for you or not is later part of the story. Relationship with some important person is envisaged here. In turn, this can work well in enhancing your financial interests. I have interest in music, poetry or arts including performing arts, now seems a good time to follow your interest in the same. Pisces is linked with all kind of literary gigs, music, and art. So go ahead and follow your interest. This also seems supportive time to resolve differences amicably. Healthwise, diabetic and pre-diabetic needs to be careful about food intake. Resist the temptation to gulp mouth-watering sweets and chocolates for your own good.

Gemini (Mithun Rashi)   

Venus rules the fifth and the 12th house for your Moon sign. The fifth house is linked with love, intimate relationship, easy money, kids and basic education. The fifth house is also about intelligence, intuition, creativity, and spirituality. Venus mow transits through the tenth house from your sign. This signal encouraging time for business person and freelancer as well. You seem to be in for striking high worth deal. In turn, this adds to your strength on the financial front. If planetary positions in your birth chart are also supportive, this transit of Venus can prove kind of game changer. The job holder is to have a comfortable time in the workplace. You may be entrusted with some important task to work upon. This is to prove challenging for your ability skills to handle a complex and lengthy task.  As a ruler of the 12th house in the tenth house, Venus can tempt you to cut corners, take advantage of grey in the area in the law. Being overtly greedy can lend you in hot water. Hence, you are advised to refrain from taking shortcuts and stick with ethical practices to avoid complications. On positive you are to benefit from your connections abroad. A business person dealing in luxury goods, cars, jewelry, branded garments are in for kind of windfall gains.

Cancer (Karka Rashi)

The fourth and the eleventh house are ruled by Venus for your Moon sign. The fourth house is linked with your abode, savings, embedded emotions, vehicle, and property among other things. The eleventh house is about the fulfillment of wishes and also relationships in general. Venus is to now transit through the ninth house from your sign. The ninth house is about luck, fortune, higher education and long distance journey, pilgrimage among other things. Exalted Venus moving through the ninth house is to recommend lady luck to back your efforts for success, growth in your pursuit. Some issue in the close relationship is to hurt you. Do not neglect the hurt. Let the hurt soften you and not leave a deep scar on your psyche. You may be now keen to give fresh look to exteriors and bedroom of your abode and also add comforts therein. If you incline to visit a faraway religiously sacred place, Venus is to support your cause. You are to remain in discomfort on account of an issue in personal life. You are to take this in your stride and not pay much attention to resolve the same. Working for a larger cause is to have a healing effect on your psyche.  Saturn is known as a disrupter and also stalls things for you in business.

Leo (Simha Rashi)

For your sign, Venus rules the third and the tenth house. Viewing this transit of exalted Venus carries much importance. The tenth house is linked with Karma, your occupation. The third house is about messages, siblings and also to the relationship to some extent. Venus traverses through the eighth house for you. Longevity, inheritance, occult sudden gains and losses are indicated by the eighth house. Jupiter moving through Virgo (Kanya Rashi) is in direct opposition to exalted Venus. If you are looking for right direction for survival Venus is to present right direction to follow. This may be far away from your present residence. Changes affected here are to have a long-term effect. Some old relationship is to be revived. The present equation in relationship stands to change much. Change here is to lead you to the new environment. You are to feel happy about this change of environment. If planets in your birth chart also agree, you stand good chance to benefit from inheritance. If you are religiously inclined, this new environment is to satisfy your quest for having in-depth knowledge about religious practices and you may then further follow your interest therein.

Virgo (Kanya Rashi)

Venus holds two important portfolios for your sign. The second and the ninth house are ruled by dear Venus. If you are not happy with your position on the financial front, Venus is to facilitate the opportunity to benefit monetarily. Lady luck is to fully back for adding strength on the financial front. Some new meaningful relationship is likely to develop. This is to work well in enhancing your financial prospects. At the same time, malefic Rahu traversing through the 12th house is to lead to increases in personal habitual expenses. Do not go overboard with spending money, try effectively checking the expenses.  This way you are to have more money in your pocket for the more useful purpose. If you are inclined to start a new venture, Venus is to support your cause. You may have some issue in your personal life. If you are married, take care of sensibilities of partner for life. Do not give cause to hurt sentiments of your spouse. Plan an outing with a partner for life over the weekend. This is to work well in increasing warmth and sense of belonging, strengthen the bond. You are to have a pleasant and enjoyable time for most of the time.

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Libra (Tula Rashi)

Venus rules your sign and also is linked to the eighth house for your sign. Exalted Venus is traverse through the sixth house from your sign. If you are discontented about your present state of affairs, Venus is to act as kind of savior for you. A fresh new beginning for you is envisaged here. Prepare yourself to accept new challenges to push forward your prospects. Exalted Venus traversing through the sixth house has an eye over the 12th house, linked with expenses in general and also enjoying pleasures of physical intimacy. Single keen on enjoying rendezvous with a targeted person of opposite gender is to be favored by Venus on this count. However, single may not be able to enjoy the act to fullest. This can be attributed to Jupiter camping in the 12th house. Venus in the company of Mars is to lead to increase your vitality and put efficient performance. Prediabetic and diabetic needs to be careful about blood sugar level. Strictly stick to diet instruction of your physician to avoid any complications. It is good to have a regular check-up to become aware of any variation in blood sugar level.

Scorpio (Vrischik Rashi)

Venus rules the seventh and the 12th house for your sign. Scorpio is measured as highly passionate, capable keenly intuitive yet feel insecure, restless and secretive. Exalted Venus traverses through the fifth house from your sign. The fifth house is indicative of love, intimate relationship, earning money by way of speculation and also basic education, intuition and spirituality are also have an indication here. For one Venus is to support single to find soul mate during transit through the fifth house. The relationship developed here is to last for a long time. Married one is to also feel kind of overwhelmed by the prompt response from a partner for life. Married one is to have a pleasant and enjoyable time with a partner for life. The urge to enjoy pleasures of physical intimacy is to become stronger. You may be worked up to enjoy the action at an even unusual time. The job holder is to feel comfortable with the smooth running of day to day activities. You are to perform efficiently to satisfaction of higher-ups. Exalted Venus is also to work well in facilitating spirit enlivening monetary gains for you. In turn add more strength to your position on the financial front, giving enough cause to cheer up. Know how the transit of Saturn is to affect your marriage prospects,

Sagittarius (Dhanu Rashi)

Venus is in not in charge of any auspicious house for your sign. Venus holds charge of the sixth and the eleventh house for your sign. Exalted Venus moves through the fourth house for your sign. This may make you feel comfortable enjoy time at home after a day of hectic activities. You may incline to a give a fresh more appealing looks to your living and bedroom. This seems a good time to buy a new more spacious vehicle with the latest gadget. Going for a long drive is to be a pleasurable experience. You need to be much careful in matters related to finance. Refrain from lending money to a person to a relative. You stand to suffer the loss of money in that case. Remain very much cautious in monetary transactions during retrogression of Venus. Retrograde Venus can crop up differences with one in long time relationship. Try to resolve differences much tactfully (which is unusual for the native of your sign). However, do take care of sensibilities of the concerned person. Conduct yourself gracefully while resolving the issue in the relationship. Sade Sati plays a major role in the shaping of events to follow.

Capricorn (Makar Rashi)

Venus is measured as a most favorable planet for your sign. Viewing this transit of exalted Venus has more importance for you. Venus rules the fifth and the tenth house from your sign. Exalted Venus is to move through the third house from your sign. This is to lead to meeting people from all strata. Some may be of importance, meaningful for you, while some just hanging around you. The true color of the concerned can be evaluated when Venus moves in retrograde mode. As such native of your sign is good at man management. You tend to be cautious in a new relationship as a basic cult of your sign. Still, Venus may get you into some unwanted, undesirable relationship. With wily Saturn now moving in the 12th house, apply your basic traits while shaping the new relationship. A business person looking for a new avenue to push up sales is to get full support from Venus on this count. Business person and freelancer is to have gainful time, during transit of exalted Venus. The job holder is likely to be entrusted with much important complex kind of task to handle. You need to accept new challenges and raise the level of efficiency to benefit from this favorable transit of exalted Venus.

Aquarius (Kumbh Rashi)

Venus is in charge of two major houses for your sign. One is the fourth and second in the ninth house.  Exalted Venus traverses through the second house from your sign. The second house is about finance and family among other things. This assures stronger position for you on the financial front. Aquarian has a kind of humanitarian approach and good at experimenting with new ideas. This approach makes them popular with the common man. You may be keen to deploy your saving for higher returns. This seems a good time for creating and adding to your wealth. Your family-related expenses stand to increase. You are to be keen to see that family enjoys a better lifestyle. You are to have a pleasant and enjoyable time with family this time around. You need to be wary of evil designs of wily Saturn viewing the second house. Unexpected expenses can disturb your planning. You need to plan finance with the long-term in view and keep enough provision for contingency. The business person is to feel happy by striking high worth deals here.

Pisces (Meen Rashi)

Pisces is last sign of the zodiac. Venus gets exalted in your sign. Exalted Venus moving through your sign is to make you feel happy for sure. Venus does not hold charge of any important house for your sign. Venus rules the third and the eighth house from your sign. Venus here is to make you cleverer in handling a public relations. If you are a literary person, keen to learn a musical instrument or any kind of art, now seems good favorable time to get into depth to follow your interest keenly and make headway therein. Venus here may not be much support for enhancing your financial prospects. Your ability skill is to earn money for you. You may not be comfortable with the way things move in personal life. Some issue or other may pinch you hard. There does not seem a way out of this predicament for now. Endure this patiently without getting overtly reactive. Raise your level of compatibility and remain prepared to give in for the sake of maintaining peace and harmony in relationships. Good track record of a business person is to work well in clicking a high worth deal

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