Vikram Samvatsara Or Hindu New Year

Published On : March 27, 2020  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Detail-Oriented Narratives Of Vikram Samvatsara

Vikram Samvatsara OR Vikrami Calendar, Hindu New Year

This is the most illustrious Vikram Samvatsara of Hindu Panchang or Hindu New Year in Indian subcontinent. It starts ever year from Chaitra Shukla Pratipada.  The advent of this marks jubilant celebration all throughout India among enthusiastic Indians. It is celebrated by great pomp and shows akin to a festival. People send greetings to one another during the occasion. Celebration of this festival among people happens with great elation. The learned Astrologer in India and mathematicians of Panchang take the privilege of spreading awareness of various effects of Vikram Samvat on people. For this, they make a great deal of meticulous study of different aspects of Lord planet of Samvatsara, its dates and results thereof. Vikram Samvatsara is also known as correct narrative, in light of the fact that all incidents, natural or otherwise, such as rain, storms, tempest, winter, summer, crops production etc. are associated with it. And they impact people with grief and glee, both. For instance, it states when an individual will be caught up in the whirlwind of griefs, and when he is fated to receive happiness; when relationship will be harmonious and when the body will remain healthy. It also forecasts the chronological events of different incidents, like beauty of the body, strength of the soul, disease-health, life-death and so on. Vikram Samvatsara is an integral part of these forecasts. Also, Samvatsara holds its chief position as granted by Lord Brahman, the divine deity playing the role in creation and maintenance of the universe, to keep ceaseless mobility of celestial objects like Yagna, Sun, Moon, Planets, nakshatras, and etc.

Dawn of Samvatsara

According to the prehistoric calculations and Hindu customs, the methods used to calculate unforeseeable time and by which Samvatsara is created, to serve the purpose of astrological mathematics, are – Truti, lav, nimesh, kashtha, kala and vikala, ghati and pal, vipal, muhurta, and hora. Similarly, by the calculation of thirty muhurtas, the creation of one month constituting one day-night, numbers of 30 days-night, is done. Also, constituent of two months makes for creation of one season. And three seasons or combination of six months make one Ayan, thus one year or Samvatsara is made by the combination of two Ayans. Means to say is that Samvatsara begets out of unification of various calculating aspects. We get different opinions on the matter regarding Vikram Samvatsara in vogue. Some believe it to be of year 78, while some people believe it started since 544. Panchang was already formed during the reign of King Vikramaditya. Accountancy of works during his reign was managed in great simplicity, like substantiating different types of year-wise works, and to systematize the work order, for which Vikram Era as a New Year came into existence. It constitutes seven days in a week, twelve months in a year. Saptrishi Samvatsara erstwhile of 6676 BC is said to be the most ancient.

Story of Vikram Samvatsara

What is Vikram Samvatsara or Hindu New Year? How did it become the part of yearly calculation of Hindu calendar, and what is the story behind it? We have the details of the same in Skanda Purana. similarly, the story lies in the uterus of Bhavishya Purana also. the description as follows – After completion of 3000 years of Kaliyuga era, there came tyranny of Saka which was mounting up unbridled. then Lord Shiva, on the request of devotees, granted the boon of the birth of a very powerful and benevolent king on earth named Vikramaditya in order to protect the religions and proliferation of Arya religion. Because of the boon of Lord Shiva, the baby had the bearing of very effective and miraculous individuality. Obedient to his parents, staunch devotee of teacher and God, highly pious, faultlessly expert in principles, highly skilled performer in royal affairs, protector of religion, and very astute person he was. To test the mental acuity of baby Vikramaditya, deity Parvati invoked an imp named Betaal, who questioned Vikramaditya related to the story he told him, and king Vikramaditya made him (the imp) speechless with his witty answers. Those tales today are known as Vikram- Betaal. These tales are very inspirational in the fields related to politics and justice, etc.  king Vikramaditya established religion on earth after having subdued the tyranny and injustice. Vikram Era came into existence as a tribute to this very victory, popularity of which is still unabated among the people today. Present Vikram Samvatsara is the era you get after total sum of adding 57 to a year. similarly, a generous king named Shalivahana was born in the era of 78 BC, after whom the prefix “Shalivahana’ came into being. In addition, Samvatsara was in use, according to timeline, and as a tribute to some great souls and incarnations, as per the situations in a country or a state. For instance – Lord Shri Krishna Samvatsara, Kali Samvatsara, Lord Buddha Samvatsara, Hijri Samvatsara, Fasli Samvatsara, Nanakshahi Samvatsara, Khalsa Samvatsara, and so many other Samvatsara were in use. However, Christian Era is being used mostly among people today.

Importance of king and minister of Samvatsara

According to astrological policy and popular beliefs, new Samvatsara beginning and related worth for king and ministers, who to grace what portfolio, and its importance, all things related are determined by Pratipada of Chaitra Shukla. Point is, the day of Pratipada of Chaitra Shukla determines king of New Samvatsara. This year, new Samvatsara 2077 marks its beginning on Pratipada of Chaitra Shukla, viz. Wednesday, March 25, 2020. In other words, Samvatsara named Pramadi will be used in rituals on taking Sankalp. Lord moon will grace the minister portfolio during new Samvatsara 2077.

Results and Importance of  Vikram Samvatsara

Vikram Samvatsara 2077 will be known as Pramadi Samvatsara. It indicates auspiciousness for all crops and corns production. People will reap harvests in amplitude. Means, harvests will remain available as required. People will remain happy because of that (healthy harvests). Good price on products will be earned. These are certain indications derived by new Vikram Samvat. Enmity and envy among politicians would unleash possibility of fearfulness among public. In addition, officers in this year are important. Lord Mercury is the effective ruler this year, which will prosper people. During the phase, chance of good rains to result in healthy harvests lingers. This also results in benevolence and kindness among people. According to other beliefs, treachery also lingers. Dominance of saints and sages is there. Moon is the minister this Samvat. This maintains peace and prosperity in the country. Opportune rains pave the chance of having healthy harvests. Peace and harmony remain due to exercising good conducts. On the one hand, wealth-giver Mars will is good indicator for healthy harvests, on the other hand, incidents like arson and looting will loom large. Cloudy Sun indicates lordship of Shri Surya for the rain. This means auspicious timing for great harvests. However, somewhere there is indication of less than enough rains. This happens due to Rashesh Saturn. Dull Jupiter results in higher value in edible stuffs. Effectual sun boosts fruits production while somewhere lower production of the same. Wealthy Mercury will boost wealth and piousness in people. This may be indicative of more yagnas and other rituals. commander in chief this time is Lord Sun. this would result in better works requiring courage. Indication of rulers working on their tasks with grit remains there.

Results and Importance of  Samvatsara

New Samvat is important for astrological calculations. Also, Astrology simplifies doing of right prediction and time-wise correct estimation.  Advent of new Vikram Era results in good or bad effects, thus affecting changes like rains on earth, production of harvests, and transitions in political and societal atmosphere. Comprehensive changes are also noticeable on public. Because Chaturmegha induces rains on earth, but this time, Avart megha will induce heavy dearth or starving-like situations in most areas. Thus, advent of Vikram Era in New Year indicates year-long incidents, assail of locusts and other types of narratives. Therefore, New Year Vikram Samvat holds great importance.

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