Personalised Astrology Horoscope Consultation

Astrology Horoscope Consultation

Affordable Astrologer Consultation Charges

Consultation Charges PavitraJyotish Astrology Guidance

Astrological Consultation with leading Astrologer in India, Pt. Umesh Chandra Pant could be a life-changing experience. With affordable Astrologer Consultation Charges, you could next be the satisfied client who has experienced in his/her life helpful changes post consultation with our Astrologer. With in-depth knowledge and expertise in astrology, Pandit Ji provides the most accurate and effective astro solutions.

Consultation fees for astro assistance can be submitted as provided in guidelines, or interested people can opt for Talk to Astrologer. Face-to-Face Consultation can also be chosen as per customer’s own convenience. Consultation can also be availed through an E-mail. Information regarding the detailed analysis of your horoscope with some suggested remedial measures will be provided during consultation with the Top Jyotish Pandit in South Delhi. Go through our astrologer Astrology Consultation Fee in Delhi as outlined in the following order:

Annual Birthday Report

Annual Birthday Report

Every birthday marks the inception of a new thing in…

Price: ₹ 1298
Delivery : 5 Days 
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Horoscope Reading

Horoscope Reading

Problems in life get compounded due to the absence…

Price: ₹ 2478
Delivery : 5 Days 
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Serial No. No. of Questions Amount (INR) Amount (USD)
1 Click Here for Face To Face Meeting (Direct Meeting) Rs 2100 33$
2 Click Here for Talk to An Astrologer Rs 1101 17$
3 Each Report (i.e. Career Or Marriage etc) Rs 1298 21$
4 Click Here for Detail Analysis 0f your Horoscope Rs 2478 39$
5 Vastu Suggestions for your home or Building Rs 5355 89$
6 Click Here for Remedial Solution for Career Issue (Get effective solutions) Rs 1062 17$
7 Click Here for Detailed Match Making (Kundali Milan) Rs 1298 21$