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Astrology known as Jyotish Science

Introduction of Vedic Astrology

There are many methods for fortune telling around the world. Among all these Astrology has taken center stage since long. In India Astrology is named as “Jyotish”. This means light leading to eternal almighty. In modern times called Vedic Astrology.

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Jyotish is known since long. Vedas are considered as oldest scripture since evolution of civilization. There is mention about Jyotish in all Vedas. There are 36 Shlokas in Rigved, 44 in Yajurved and around 162 in Atharved about Astrology i.e. Jyotish. This means knowledge of Astrology was well developed during times of Veda.

The Rishis of ancient India discovered many secrets of the Universe with highly developed intuitive brain or the third eye. Astrology is based on Astronomical observations. In west this is measured as an Occult science. Role of light in dark room can be equated with Jyotish. Meaning when there is not light seen at end of tunnel in life and one is confused, in dilemma about direction, Jyotish/Astrology shows the way. Astrology is not concerned with fortune telling only. This gives logical interpretation of a personality. What you are and what is the purpose, role is designed for you.

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History of our Rishis science  Astrology alias Jyotish

Rishis who contributed immensely to development, evolution of Jyotish are listed below. 1) Surya, 2) Pitmah, 3) Vasisht, 4) Atri, 5) Parashar, 6) Kashyap, 7) Garg, 8) Marich, 9) Narad 10) Lomash, 11) Angiras, 12) Shounak, 13) Brihgu, 14) Vyas, 15) Chyavan, 16) Paulish, 17) Yavan, 18) Manu

These eighteen knowledgeable ones propagated their observations, principles, to make the subject more viable. Among all these “Brihad Parashar Horashastra” by Parashar is main Pillar of Jyotish called Vedic Astrology in our times. Among other ancient Rishis Gemini, Garg and Satyachrya also developed their own principles for Vedic Astrology.  Literature volumes evolved during ancient times are listed below.

Surya Samhita, Narad Samhita, Manu Smriti or Manu Siddhanta, Pitamah Siddhanta, Bruhad Parashar Hora Shastra, Garg Samhita, Chyavan Siddhanta Prakash, Bhrugu Sutra and Bhrugu Samhita, YogaVasisht, Lomas Siddhanta, Shaunak Samhita, Gemini Sutra, Nadi Siddhanta, Markandeya Sutra and Shukra Nadi.

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Original manuscripts of these volumes are not available these days. However, whatever available well kept in a library “Saraswati Mahal” located in Tamilnadu. After times of Veda many scholars have written their some valuable observations.

During rule of King “Vikrmaditya” one Mihir Bhatt, later called as “Varahmihir” wrote volume named “Bruhad Jataka, Bruhad Samhita, Panch Siddhantika, Yoga Yatra, Vivek patal, and Dev Vallabh.” These volumes gave immense thirst to Vedic Astrology. After this son of Varahmihir, wrote “Hora Sar and Shat Panchshtika. These give in depth knowledge about Horaray Astrology.

From fifth century to nineteenth century many knowledgeable scholars wrote very much informative things about Astrology. Among these some memorable ones are listed below.

  • Yavanacharya Meenraj wrote one titled “ Vrudhyavan jatakam”
  • Son of Shambhunath, Jeevnath wrote one titled “Bhavkautaohalam”
  • Kalyanvarma wrote one titled “Saravali”
  • Utpal Bhatt wrote one titled “Rahu Nivakaran and Vivryiti
  • Bhaskaracharya wrote one titled Bhav Chandrika and Bhav Dipika.
  • Vaidyanath Dikshit wrote one titled “Jatak Parijat.

During Fourteenth and Fifteenth Century following volumes by different scholars were written.

  • Narayan Bhatt wrote one titled Chamatkar Chintamani
  • Mantreshwar wrote one titled FalDipika
  • Neelkanth wrote one titled TajikNeelkanthi
  • Blabhadra wrote one titled  Hora Ratna
  • Dhundhiraj wrote one titled Jatakaabharan
  • During seventeenth century following Volumes were written.
  • Punj raja wrote one titled Shambhu Hora Prakash
  • Kalidas wrote one titled Uttar kalamrut
  • Ram dayalu wrote one titled Sanket nidhi
  • During eighteenth century following Volumes were written
  • Jatak Alankar
  • Jatak Tatva
  • Mansagri

During nineteenth century, scholars Surya narayanrao, Subramanya Shastri, Pandit Mahesh, Sureshchandra Mishra, daivgna, Ramkrishna Bhatt, B. V. Raman, Santanam, jaggannath, Dr. Himatram Jani tried to simplify above mentioned Veda time Volumes, which can be followed by one who wanted to learn this mystic science. Their efforts are surely laudable, worth praising. Their efforts made the principles available to common man.

Besides these many scholars from west also contributed to the subject in their own way. Some of them are listed below.

  • Rafale, William lili, Old moor, Allen Leo, Goldstein, Margret, V, E, Rolson, Dr.Karnel, Cledius polemic.

In our times book by Llewellyan George also needs mention. Also Stephanie Jean Clement and Marylee Bytheriver have contributed a lot to make this great mystic Astrology made simple for all.

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Importance of Astrology in our life

Astrology is per se not all about predictions about event to happen. On referring to characteristics of Planets, Signs, Ascendant, mid heaven one can get good idea about nature, inclinations, weakness and strength of a person. By knowing one can make due correction, changes to perform with improved efficiency. Also knowing about coming times helps to plan things effectively. Astrology makes us aware of all aspects of life. Most important is that you do not blame people for your failure, setback. One becomes mature enough to face lean times well enough without significant losses to incur.

How to take advantage of the subject

As mentioned earlier, Astrology gives lead about times to come. We can then prepare and plan things to work effectively. It resembles with weather forecast. Like you buy umbrella, rain coat with commencing of rainy season. Now, one has better knowledge of a personality. Astrology gives indications about finance, money. How rich you are to be. Benefices well positioned leads to riches. Also give indications about financial loss as well. You know about relatives and how your relations are to be with them. Earning big money is always good. Astrology also gives indication about your savings, satisfactory or not. Indications about basic education and up to which level you are study. Your love life and progeny is well indicated by Astrology. If any health issue is to bother you, Astrology gives clue about cause and remedies for the same. Indications about career path to be chosen, stability therein and positions are to be held. You can know about transfer, promotion in job and also time to change assignment. Business persons can know about competitors and ways to score over them. One can know about partner for life, marital life, whether happy or not so happy. Divorce and extra marital relationship is also indicated. Astrology also gives indication about sphere of emotional security, depths of the self, secrets and paranormal, transcendence, sexuality, mysteries, others’ money (Investments, Inheritances), crises, surgical operations, transformation after evolution and death is also indicated. Indicators are also there about luck factor in general, higher education, higher mind, long distance journey and any problems therein, spiritual inclination and progress therein. Type of occupation good for you, your success and failures in business is also indicated through Astrology. Whether trading is good or manufacturing is to suit you well is denoted through placements of planets in your birth chart. Gains through your efforts, relationships in general are signified. Your chart also gives about expenses, the way you incline to spend money and at last not to forget about bedroom activities.

One having Leo ascendant or Moon in Leo, we can expect him to be sympathetic and willing to help, when in dire need. While with Capricorn ones, you need to put facts in front of him and let him know how advantageous the proposal is for him also. You know a person better and then build your expectations accordingly. Besides, remedies are also given to empower planets, reduce intensity of malefic. All these if dome methodically, enhances your prospects in general.

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Astrology is logical interpretation of placement and Transit of planets. However, one needs to make use of Astrology to know about shortcomings. Like if Venus is in eleventh house, stray thoughts which have no importance, viability are to occupy your thinking and not let you remain well focused. Mars posited in the fourth house leads to instability in career. It is because Mars in the fourth house presents more options and in turn you are to have kind of casual approach and not apply yourself whole hardheartedly on present assignment well enough.

So, know your traits well enough and conduct yourself by limiting your shortcomings effectively and live a better life style for you and your near ones, is what Astrology can do for you. So go ahead and consult a learned and well experienced Astrologer.