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Cancer Zodiac Sign – Sun Sign Horoscope Astrology

Cancer Horoscope is a comprehensive astrological prediction for cancer natives. It offers predictions about your health, career, finance, marriage life, and other aspects of your life, with astrological remedies to help you address intricate planetary situations positively. At PavitraJyotish, we offer accurate Free Cancer Zodiac Sign Astrology For Men and Women.

Introducing Aries: Cancer is measured as the fourth sign of the zodiac. It is also the first movable watery sign. Crab is a symbol of this sign. Fast-moving planet Moon is the ruler of the sign. Mighty Jupiter gets exalted here. For Mars, this is a sign of debilitation. Pavitra Jyotish provides Cancer Horoscope, Cancer Daily Horoscope indication, Cancer Weekly Horoscope, Cancer Monthly Horoscope and also Cancer yearly horoscope prediction to make you aware of development for Cancer Sun sign and Moon Rashi related indications.

General information: This being a water sign. Cancer is measured as cold moist, feminine, negative of long ascension, tropical and northern. It is construed as fruitful, maternal, mute and phlegmatic. Native has a high level of sensitivity. If one matches with his/her sensitivity, one can become friendly with the person of this sign. An emotional connect is to drive him/her achieve fitness goals. Cancer born fancy water sports much. Being a moveable sign native is willing for change but is also concerned with security. Give him/her a secure environment and see him/her working ceaselessly to climb up the ladder. A native of this sign is receptive and nurturing but lack in vitality. In the human body, Cancer corresponds to breasts, chest and also with pancreas and thoracic duct. Artillery associated with this sign are those serving the stomach. Mammary, gastric and diaphragmatic veins are dominated by this zodiac sign of Cancer. Corresponding flowers are bear’s breeches, geranium, water lily, cabbage, lotus, southern magnolia and white flowers among others. Colors corresponding Cancer are white, sky blue, grey, light blue, light green and also leaf green among others. In his late forties, native develops an inclination towards spirituality.

Positive Aspect of Cancer: Cancer native has a fertile imagination and is sympathetic. Native cares and is found about home and family. The person has tenacious memory. He/she is industrious nearing and kind of addictive to work. Native inclines frugal, economical and keen to possess the goods of life. Cancer born is receptive to new ideas and readily adapt to new environment comfortably.

Negative Aspect of Cancer: Being trepid, variation, fancy, vanity, untruthfulness, changeability, sentimental, touchiness, pride, disorderliness, resentment and indolence.

Special Tips: Cancer born needs to remain committed to the task at hand and also committed to a relationship. Refrain from being critical to extreme and untruthfulness.

Lucky Numbers: 2, 4, 6, 7

Compatible signs:  Aries, Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Pisces

PavitraJyotish provides Astrological guidance for Moon Rashi and also Sun sign. We do so by presenting Cancer Compatibility, Daily Horoscope, Weekly Horoscope, Monthly Horoscope and Cancer Yearly Horoscope predictions and  Cancer Zodiac Sign Astrology for Men and Women for you. PavitraJyotish.com sources all Personalized Horoscope Predictions according to the system of Vedic Astrology.

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