Cancer Overview-Physical Structure and Zodiac Information

Cancer Zodiac Sign Overview PavitraJyotishPhysical 

Short stature, dwarfs, large upper body, a frail constitution in childhood, strong in manhood, round face with the timid look, pale and dull complexion, brown hair, walks with rolling gait, teeth thick and broad, broad shoulders, do not walk straight.


Famous for fertile imagination and ability to imitate others with ease. Many famous mimics and actors are born under this sign. Receptive to new ideas and adapt themselves to the new environment. Accumulate wealth through hard work. Can take up the occupation of fluctuating nature. Best suited to a commercial career, especially to the trade of catering. Good writers, orators, leaders in society, advisors. Short tempered and impatient. Changeable and fluctuating making the person moody. Not to be relied upon. Very talkative, self-reliant, honest and unbending have reputation for a love of justice and fair play. Excellent memory, famous for their true hospitality. The gain favour of intelligent people, independent temperament. Deeply attached to family and children. Ideal life partners. Often prey to women. Lead wandering and restless life. Liable to suffer from infection of lungs, bronchitis, T.B., dyspepsia, flatulence, nervous debility, jaundice etc. Luck favours in the profession during the age 21 to 36, financial problems increase in a number of enemies during the age of 37 to 52 and the excellent period during the age of 56-69, 5,25,40 and 62 are the inauspicious years in life. Does negative vibe at your residential place or office deter progress or positive energy force in it? Choose our vastu suggestion and remedies today.