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Capricorn Personality – Capricorn Traits and Lucky Numbers Details

Capricorn Traits give you the detail of your career, education, love life or prediction that covers basically every problem area in your life. Get effective solution meant for Capricorn Personality to gain deeper overview into solutions for their problematic situations and their astrological origins. Get your Capricorn Lucky Numbers to gain a numerical advantage in your life.

Physical features

Weak slender body and constitution improving with age, large teeth, big mouth, prominent nose, dark coarse hair, thin and oval face, hunch-backed, scar or mole on the kneecap, jaws similar to that of crocodile, short forehead, long teeth, beard with less hair.


Prudence, thoughtfulness, reasoning, love of power, self-reliant and highly intellectual, not optimistic in any matter till succeeds. Works on facts and statistics and makes use of them in worldly affairs. Honest, sincere and economic, while canto is intimidated by force, he melts like wax in the warmth of friendship and goodness. Special organizing ability, even in adverse circumstances rarely asks for help. An impediment to speech. Fit for public work and position of prominence. Best suited for jobs in the finance department or in a technical field. Cannot cultivate friendship easily with strangers but is social with earlier friends. Not fit for romance but provides all comforts to family and loved ones. Protects family like a hen. Very slow and cautious in dealing with opposite gender, has relations with females older than himself. Likely to suffer from injury near the kneecap, skin disease, bruises, dislocation of bones, urticaria, rheumatism etc. Fear of injury from fire, arms or iron during childhood. Enjoys life at the age of 33 to 49, suffers bodily at the age of 50-51.5, 13,27, 36,57,62 and 67 are the inauspicious years of life.