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Coral (Moonga) 1

Coral (Moonga) 1

Certified Coral Gemstone (Moonga Ratna)

Lab certified Natural Gems

Coral is commonly known as Moonga. It is red in color. Moonga comes in two shapes. One is triangular and other is the cylindrical type. Moonga is linked with Mars. Army personal corresponds to Mars. Mars rules fiery Aries and watery Scorpio. Being highly passionate is the quality of Mars. Mars in its own sign or its sign of exaltation Capricorn has its own benefits. Strong Mars leads to high level of confidence in the concerned person. If Mars has influence the ruler of Ascendant in your kundli, it leads to high level of self-esteem. On negative side can lead to arrogance, temperamental tendency. Mars on being in a state of combustion can harm your prospects, see you low in confidence and fail to take lead. In order to bring positive effects of Mars and minimize negative effect wearing an energized Moonga is sure to work favorably for you.

The Coral (Moonga ) Gemstone helps to nullify the malefic effects of Mars. The wearer gets qualities like courage, perseverance, and ability to solve difficult circumstances. The obstacles are removed and the stability in the life of user is improved. Problems such as fever, typhus, arthritis, and knee problems are also prevented.

Benefits of wearing energized Coral (Moonga)

  • Works well in steadying mind.
  • Aggression is controlled by prudence.
  • Controls temperamental tendency.
  • Attracts opposite sex.
  • Helps to create wealth.
  • Cordial relationship with parents.
  • Enhances scope of prosperity.

How the Coral (Moonga) is selected

  • We deliberate well enough to access position of Mars in your Birth chart/kundli.
  • Expert selects the right kind of Moonga to suit your purpose.
  • The Moonga is then purified of negative effects and energized involving one whole day Pooja, according to your Kundali.
  • The Coral (Moonga) is then carefully packed delivered to you in 2 weeks.

Weight: 6 Ratti ( 1 Ratti = 180 mg)

We have developed a proprietary method to cleanse, energize and attune Gemstone and especially for you. It is based on our deep research and understanding of the Vedas and related astrological scriptures.


  • Delivery: Within 2 Weeks
  • Free Delivery in India Only
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Outside India: Postal Charges Extra


Coral (Moonga) 1


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