Laxmi Pujan Samagri

Laxmi Pujan Samagri

Pure And Sanctified Objects For Positive Results In Your Life

Gift Yourself Sanctified Sri Sri Yantra

Wonderful, Miraculous and Eliminator of all your problems  Sri Sri Yantra

In this materialistic age, Lakshmi or Wealth is particularly important. Scriptures mention Lakshmi to be unstable and astute. There are many measures mentioned in the scriptures for the stability of Mahalakshmi. One of them is the singular worship of Shri ShriYantra– the deity being Sri Vidya or powerfully endowed Devi Lalita in the Chakra of worship.

As is evident by the name, Sri Yantra, ‘Sri’ represents Yantra which is dearest to Goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmiji mentions, Sri Yantra is the base on which I reside, it is my spirit. This Yantra is the most powerful of all Yantras, hence it is called Yantra-Raaj. This Powerful Yantra keeps away poverty. Since it is so dear to Goddess Lakshmi, we can keep it in our altar of worship to get Her Grace.

All the five festivals in Diwali are very important. We have created all details like the detailed process for doing Pooja and on which day which Pooja needs to be done. If we talk about Goddess Laxmi and we ignore Shri Yantra and that is not valid. Following our tradition of Diwali Pooja this year also we bring an exclusive package only for Diwali-Lakshmi Puja at a very reasonable cost. You will get authentic and sanctified five objects which are required for prosperity. Details are given below

All this pure and sanctified objects will give you prosperity and positive results. You will also get a detailed information about how to perform the entire Pooja. This Pooja, when done with our material, will surely open doors for Laxmi and Prosperity. You can also read more information about this series of five festivals in our blog section.

If you are keen on the stability of wealth and relief from problems with Sri Yantra, contact Pavitra Jyotish today. The scholars and pundits of Pavitra Jyotish have devised and sanctified the Sri Yantra, for amazing and miraculous relief from suffering and alleviate your problems. Place your Order today to gift yourself Sri Sri Mahayantram with four more Laxmi Kalpa for your Diwali pooja. Your Laxmi Pujan Samagri Will  Contain

1. Sanctified Shri Shri Yantra.
2. Vighna Nashak (problem remover) Sphatik Shri Ganesh Murti.
3. Laxmi Kaarak Kauri (gain Money) for Prosperity.
4. Kamal Gatta Mala (Rosary) which is very dear to Goddess Laxmi.
5. Gomti Chakra which is an actual form of Laxmi.
6. All in One box for your convenience and understanding.
7. Pooja Method.

Outside India Postal Charges Extra Included USD 30

Our premium subscriptions related to puja, such as Shri Krishna Puja, 11 Days Sri Ganesh Maha Puja, Shiv Puja, and Puja for Wealth dispel physical and financial troubles in your life, helping you attain peace and prosperity. Moreover, you can go for our paid offering of Siddh Maha Lakshmi Yantra that is energized and contains divine power of Mata Lakshmi to bless you the prosperity.


Delivery : 5 Days

Manually Selected and sanctified by Expert Astrologer.


₹ 5500/-

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