Kaalsarp Dosh Niwaran Puja

Kaalsarp Dosh Niwaran Puja

Know About Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran Puja

Rahu-Ketu Shanti Puja (Peace of Rahu-Ketu Planets)

In the horoscope, when Rahu-Ketu is facing and all the planets live on one side, it is called Kalsarpa Yog. When all the planets are on the right side of the horoscope chart, this kalsarpa Yog is not harmful. When all the planets remain on the left side, it is harmful.

First of all, let’s understand what Kaal Sarp Dosha, the Peace of Rahu-Ketu Planets stands for. In Indian Vedic astrology, the term Kaal Sarp Dosha denotes the meaning of an ominous signal to the life of someone under specific zodiac sign. If we split up Kaal (Time) and Sarp (Serpent) we get the meaning that Kaal Sarp period is something none other than a disastrous-bearing term, which stands for doomsday of everything that may happen in your life, as long as you stay under its influence. When a person is under inauspicious shadow of Kaal Sarp period, it means that various aspects of his/her life, on the front of finance, health, property or anything will severely be affected.

In other words, your Kaal Sarp dosha, period, according to astrology, could simply mean that there will be ominous shadow on your finance, health or any activity involving your presence. This is perhaps the reason as to why astrologers or Vedic Astrology scholars advise people affected by Kaal Sarp Dosha to get its negative influence neutralized as soon as possible, before it’s too late to bring it under control from unleashing its notorious results in your life. This is why a great deal of emphasize is laid upon the importance of Kaal Sarp Puja, in order to thwart the negative influence of this ominous shadow in your life.

Persons under the influence of Kaal Sarp Dosha carry certain symptoms.

They are:

  • Dreaming about snake, most of the time.
  • Not getting desired results, in spite of working too hard for it.
  • Always feeling stressed out.
  • Not being able to take a right decision.
  • Living a troubled relationship.
  • Having secrete enemies around their lives.
  • Meet with obstacles in their chosen endeavors.

Importance Of Kaal Sarp Puja

The importance of Kaal Sarp Puja lies in the fact that it neutralizes its harmful effects from ruining your life. Depending upon the situation of how Kaal Sarp Dosha has progressed, as per the detail of your horoscopic reading, Kaal Sarp Puja is recommended to be conducted accordingly, so that early neutralization of the same can save the life of individual affected by this harmful celestial influence.

If Kaal Sarp Puja is not conducted following the recommendation based on horoscopic reading of the same, the likelihood of encountering many unpleasant consequences in your life can’t be ruled out. If left untreated, the harmful effects of Kaal Sarp Doshas could disrupt peace and prosperity of your life.

Benefits Of Kaal Sarp Puja

  • It can neutralize all the inimical energy force of Kaal Sarp Dosha in your life.
  • It relieves someone under Kaal Sarp Dosha from encountering unpleasant results.
  • If Kaal Sarp Puja is performed mainly in Panchami Naag Puja of Shukla Paksha during Sawan month, then it can cure a person from harmful effects of Kaal Sarp Dosha.
  • It eliminates physical, mental and financial problems from your life.
  • Troubled life due to many sufferings gets back to normal due to Kaal Sarp Puja.
  • One’s pursuit of peace and prosperity in life becomes easier due to Kaal Sarp Puja.
  • The Peace of Rahu-Ketu Planets


Kaal Sarp Puja is an efficient remedial measure acknowledged by various astrologer scholars because of its ability to neutralize all the malefic effects of Kaal Sarp Doshas from the affected person’s life. It enables you become free from all the sufferings caused by Kaal Sarp Dosha. Moreover, your pursuit of peace and happiness in your life also becomes easier because of Kaal Sarp Puja. Just make sure to have this puja conducted by an experienced astrologer or pandit, in order to churn out maximum divine benefits out of the ritual.

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