Siddh Ketu Yantra

Siddh Ketu Yantra

Siddh Ketu Yantra and Its Benefits

This Yantra is associated with a strong malefic shadow planet Ketu. It works well in getting rid of all sorts of negative influence. You are able to win over opponents, competitors. On getting rid of malefic influence, you enjoy good general health. Hindrance in acquiring wealth is removed. Owning property becomes easy. You enjoy peace of mind and enjoy prosperity. You are saved from calamities, misfortune. You remain spiritually inclined and make notable progress therein. You can experience that eternal bliss. Pavitra Jyotish caters to a purified and activated Ketu Yantra on request.

How the Yantra is prepared

The Yantra is usually carved on either copper or brass plate. It is gold plated if necessary. We have developed a proprietary method to cleanse the Yantra of negative vibes and then energized, attuned especially for you. Our method is based on our deep research and understanding of Vedas and related astrological scriptures.

Benefits derived from the worship of energized and activated Ketu Yantra

  • You get rid of all sorts of negative effects.
  • You have peace of mind.
  • A win over opponents and competitors.
  • Enjoy good general health.
  • You are able to acquire wealth, own property.
  • Able to make notable progress in spirituality.

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