Libra Monthly Horoscope

Libra Monthly Horoscope

July 2020 Libra Monthly Horoscope Predictions

Libra Monthly Horoscope offers month-wise analysis prediction about how to manage your career, business, finance, set the course of your marital life, and many more key details. Guidelines provided in Libra Free Monthly Astrology prediction can effectively solve perplexing questions and troubles in the specific condition of your life, say for instance, your career issue or love relationship problem.

Career and Business:

Those engaged in judiciary/ law related profession, medicine, technical areas, beauty, food, literature, Management and in films will prosper well in the month of July. By the mid of the month, there would be ample evidences of progress. However it would be advisable to remain cautious in the third and fourth week so as not to take any uncalled for risks. Worry about your career? Not being able to make a right career choice. Avail our career report and demystify the success and unanswered mystery of your career’s growth.

Love and Relationship:

Those born in Libra, will note increasing proximity with their loved ones, in the third and fourth week of May. Filial affection and care will be evident. Attraction towards the beloved will develop close bonds in personal relations. The first and second week will indicate slight irritability which may harm relations. It would be necessary to remain careful. What causes a delay in your marriage? Choose love and marriage prospects and knows about your relationship prospect better.Know Your Detailed Annual Birthday Report By PavitraJyotish


New opportunities and avenues will open up in this month for those born in Libra. More than one avenue for generating income will be evident. Link with favorable planets will reflect in gain, prosperity and saving as well. After the second week, the results however will be mixed. Worried about financial conditions? Is there no solution in sight? Well, choose our financial report and get appropriately phrased answered to your financial conundrums in life. Quality solution promised.

Education and Knowledge:

Those involved in higher education in fields of Law, Management, Engineering, Medicine, Sports or in counseling, will get appreciation. Your intelligence and abilities will be acclaimed by those in authority in the respective fields. However transit of Jupiter and Mercury not being very favorable by the mid of the month, may bring about slight discomfort. However this will only keep the challenges open for greater success in the coming times.  Get your education report and be the master of how your education takes it course to the success of your dream.


Those born in Libra will face average health in the month of July. In case you have been feeling weak and dull, this month will bring in vibrancy and rejuvenate you. Life will naturally get disciplined.  The first, second and the third week will be conducive for good health. There could be minor drop in vitality by the fourth week of the month. Does health concern get the best on your decision these days? Want to get the best astro solution about your health? Ask for health report, a complete guide to your sound well-being life.

Remedial Measures:

To reduce the negative impacts of planets and to keep up the good spirit, those born in Virgo are advised to worship Sun, Lord Shiva- Parvati by the last week of the month. Donating carpet and rugs for temples, arranging water for thirsty people would be beneficial.

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