Marital Problems

Marital Problems

Important Information About Marital Problems

Service Name: Marital Problems, Service Type: Astrological Guidance and Solution, Language: English, Service Mode: Online (thru email reply), Delivery: 5 Days, Features: Guaranteed solutions, Reliable services, Extensive results and best standard format of PavitraJyotish (YOUR REPORT WILL CONTAIN – Read it below), Benefits: It help you set short and long term goals with solution of your personal problems positively.

How Does It Work?

1. Share your birth details and ask your queries/problems.
2. Make the payment.
3. We will send email for reconfirmation of your birth details through your registered email id.
4. After confirmation, with in next 5 working days, we will provide detailed report as per our standard format and reply to your specific questions (Your Report Will Contain – Read it below).
5. You will receive your personalized report on your registered email id.
6. Read your report, if you have any doubts feel free to contact us through email and we will respond definitely.

Best Solution Permitting Peaceful Wedding Union

To tie a knot with someone is a blissful experience, but to continue the relationship for the rest of life is not an easy chore. It is more difficult if your marriage lacks mutual trust, respect, and love for each other.

We conduct Marital Problems Analysis in accordance with your Kundali and figure out if any incompatibility issues regarding your marriage. We help you familiarise with ins and outs of your marriage enabling you to take a prudent decision for a balanced marital life. Our analysis of your Kundli will include positive similarity and negative differences, the impact of ascendant on your partner, and trusted Remedial Measure to help you ease out your marriage problems.

Based on Horoscope Chart and its study by our online astrologer India, if there is any need for Gemstone and Yantra to be suggested, we do so, in order to help you fix tricky marriage issues to live a blissful marriage.

We at PavitraJyotish are fast-growing platform for invaluable astrological services involving premium offerings such as 2021 Marriage Prospects, Marriage Ask 1 Question, Marriage Ask 1 Question Detailed Guidance, and Puja For Marriage, as well as other types of services offering cost-free access to astrological information.


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Your Report Will Contain:

1. Astrological Details of your Horoscope chart (i.e. Complete basic information, Ascendent, Rashi, Nakshatra, Placement of Planets, Dasha & Antardasha)
2. Response to your question
3. Impact of Your ascendant
4. Impact of Your Moon sign
5. Analysis of the problem from your chart
6. Impact of ascendant on your partner
7. Impact of Moon sign of your partner
7. Analysis of the Problem from your partner’s chart
8. Your similarities – positives
9. The Differences – Negatives
10. Conclusion and Suggestions
11. Lucky measures to benefit to you (Lucky number, days, metal, time, direction and gemstone) For Both
12. Mantra and Puja Remedies (For Both)
13. Lucky Yantra and Rudraksha (For Both)
14. Important tips to make situations easier for you (For Both)

Benefits of this report:

1. You can take smarter, calculated decisions, with a clear view of the upcoming situation.
2. The solutions to your confusions and problems will be resolved with proper analysis, so that you can take a decision accordingly.
3. Stress due to ignorance will be reduced
4. You will be confident to take wise decisions since the problems will be handled with ease. This will help in clear thinking and happier planning ahead.


My marital problem seemed to me an endless torture. The abusive conducts of my wife continued acting like a venom spoiling our marital relationship to the point of annulment. After much thoughts and recommendation from relatives, I approached to Umesh Pant Ji for concrete solution to my marital problem. He counselled me that relationship like marriage is very delicate thing to handle. It requires patience and mutual respect. Then his astrological guidance accompanied by certain rituals to be followed at home came as a final recourse to my endless agony. Pandit Ji and his timely help will be remembered forever.
Mohit Sumbli, Jammu & Kashmir
I would like to say one thing regarding Pandit Umesh Ji is his simple and easy solution of every problem of our life. He always suggest very easy and simple solution for even a very complex issue. You can follow his solution very smoothly. And the result is always 100%. I must say that do not waste your time & money, just meet Pandit ji. You will be always happy! Thanks
Sanjeev Chauhan, Delhi