Navgrah (9 Planets) Puja

Navgrah (9 Planets) Puja

The significance of Nava Graha (Nine Planets) Puja:

Nava Grahas are the core of Vedic astrology of the Hindus. The Sun is the ruler of all planets and the Jupiter is the biggest planet of our solar system. All the planets have their unique impact on the beings of the earth. If all the nine planets are suitably propitiated by a Vedic puja, it can bring remarkable positive changes in one’s life. As every planet signifies the respective stages and areas of life, it is a great way to enrich all the important aspects of life with the help of the concerned planets. Even those who do not have proper birth details can make the most out of this puja.

Pavitra Jyotish Kendra will organize the Nava Graha puja on an auspicious muhurtam along with the inclusion of your name and nakshatra during the Sankalpa of the puja. An elaborate procedure will be followed as per the Shastras which will include the mantras of Vedas, Puranas, and the Agamas. All the planets (deities) will be individually venerated after kalashasthapana and invocation with the help of Shodasha Upacharas. Ancient Nava-grahasuktam, Surya Suktam, BrihaspatiSuktam and other Vedic hymns will be chanted along with Puranic stotras and mantras of the agamas. After the completion of this puja, you will be sent the sacred ash, kumkum, and prasadam via courier to your address. Along with this, you will also get a fully energized Nava-grahaYantram (empowered during a special muhurtam) which should be kept at your puja place and worshiped regularly for a positive and prosperous life.

Benefits of Nava Graha Pujan:

  1. It is the best remedy for overall planets related to doshas.
  2. It propitiates the malefic planets and strengthens the auspicious planets.
  3. It is a very powerful remedy to ensure overall success in all expanses of life.
  4. It can very well take care of doshas like “Kala-Sarpa”, “Guru Chandala”, “PitraDosha” etc.
  5. Those who have multiple planetary afflictions in their charts should perform this puja.
  6. It is extremely useful in enhancing domestic happiness and prosperity.
  7. Problems related to marriage, progeny, career, relations etc. can be sorted out.

Complimentary Gifts:

  1. Siddh Navgrah Yantra

Delivery: 7 days According to Muhurta.
The scholars and pundits of Pavitra Jyotish have performed your puja, for amazing and miraculous relief from suffering and alleviate your problems.


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