Printed Horoscope For New Born Baby

Printed Horoscope For New Born Baby

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Horoscope alias Birth Chart or Horoscope Making or Kundli or Janampatri is prepared by working on your Birth details. Horoscope lets you know planetary positions at the time of your birth. You can then know about Dasha which prevailed at the time of birth of a concerned person. Horoscope contains Divisional charts with each revealing that particular aspects of life. Having detailed Horoscope carries much importance for a person. You can know about your prospects on occupational and financial front. Horoscope reveals your health prospects as well. The person knows about marriage, spouse and about marital life. Birth of a child for you is also mentioned. Horoscope reveals about all aspects of life for a concerned person. You need to contact an expert and experienced Astrologer for letting you know about any aspects of your life by reading your horoscope. You can plan your future activities and financial gain from the same as advised by Best Astrologer in India with help of a detailed printed Horoscope.

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Your Printed Horoscope will Contains

1. Your Birth chart and position of planets therein at the time of Birth.
2. Divisional charts for different aspects of life.
3. Aspects of Planets on a house and planets if any positioned in that house.
4. Major and Minor Dasha periods in present and future.
5. Other complete astrological details

Benefits of this Printed Horoscope

1. You have enough time to plan your activities in coming times.
2. You know about highs and lows in your life.
3. There is enough time to prepare for facing adverse time.
4. How to do things for achieving higher growth in your pursuit.
5. Plan things well and also your finances for future needs.
6. Now you can visit expert and experienced Astrologer to guide you and plan things to push ahead your prospects.


I met astrologer Umesh Ji and to tell the truth, I was spellbound by his magnetic energy. I had a horoscope reading and got inspired by his prudent analysis of my life’s trajectory. I found him gifted, down to earth, professional, and very savvy for his acute understanding of my circumstances so better.
Raman Taneja, Delhi
Before subscribing to the year-wise astro service of PavitraJyotish, I asked 2 questions to astrologer Mr. Umesh Pant. The questions were very personal and reflected my agony. To my utter satisfaction and it was sort of unexpected as well, I was pleased to listen to his astro advice full of meaningful words and suggestions. None of my questions asked during the consultation was returned with an irrelevant answer. In fact, Umesh Ji patiently answered to them with remedial suggestions for my help.
Manoj Khanna, Delhi