Siddh Rahu Yantra

Siddh Rahu Yantra

Siddh Rahu Ketu and Its Benefits

Rahu Yantra is linked with malefic shadow planet Rahu. An unfavorable, weak Rahu can lead to unhappiness in many ways. One succumbs to addiction, overindulgence in other bad habits. One remains in a weak financial position. You can fall prey to difficult to diagnosis health issue. You tend to remain in solitude and not comfortable in meeting people, due to lacking in confidence. Having a  purified and energized Rahu Yantra can be useful in many ways. You are then able to achieve the notably high financial position. In turn, you can own multiple properties. You can enjoy prosperity at all levels. You soar over obstacles and achieve notable progress in your life.

How the Yantra is prepared

The Yantra is usually carved on either copper or brass plate. It is gold plated if necessary. We have developed a proprietary method to cleanse the Yantra of negative vibes and then energized, attuned especially for you. Our method is based on our deep research and understanding of Vedas and related astrological scriptures.

Benefits derived from energized and activated Guru Yantra

  • You are able to soar over obstacles and achieve a high level of success.
  • You are saved from misfortune, miseries and undue hardship.
  • A notable highly strong financial position.
  • You enjoy good general health.
  • You become free of addiction and bad habits.
  • You own multiple properties.

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