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ROSARY (MALA) BY PAVITRAJYOTISHRosary (Mala) – Find A Calmer Mind and Useful in Mantras Chant

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A rosary is referred to a string of beads or knots marked in specific numbers. Also known as Jap Mala (reciting mantras), it is worn around the neck to chant mantras. Rosary could contain Rudraksha beads, apart from other sacred parts like Tulsi, Haldi, Moonga, Chandan, Parad, and Sphatik, each carrying effects of a certain magnitude to change your physical, emotional or other aspects of life. Beads have a numerical arrangement of 18, 27, 54 or 108, including the additional ones in the knot called ‘Meru’.

Rosary is useful in mantras chant and can render curative effects like peace, success, joy, and happiness in your life. With its inherent positive energy, rosary can subdue disturbing environment at the workplace. If followed on a regular course, rosary’s miraculous radiation can provide wholesome result in your health and financial condition for a long period of time.

Rosary casts a beneficial impact on your health like controlling diseases such as hypertension, pain, stress, aches and tummy aches. They are largely contributed to unfavourable planetary transits in your Kundli. At PavitraJyotish, we analyze your horoscope before recommending remedial measure as rosary Siddh mala with proper guidance how to use it.

Get Siddh rosary mala from PavitraJyotish, a one-stop-shop platform for most accurate and comprehensive astrological solution. We have developed a proprietary method to cleanse, energize and attune rosary mala to suit you with regard to your astrological issues.

List of Rosary (Mala)

Siddh Rudraksha Mala

Siddh Rudraksha MalaSiddh Rudraksha Mala and Its Benefits Mala is normally used to recite a mantra and keep a count of the same. Here this S...

Price: ₹ 1350
Delivery : 2 Weeks.  
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Siddh Moti Mala

Siddh Moti MalaSiddh Moti Mala and Its Benefits Moti known as white Pearl is measured as queen of Gems. It stands for purity and innoce...

Price: ₹ 3690
Delivery : 2 Weeks  
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Siddh Moonga Mala

Siddh Moonga MalaSiddh Moonga Mala and Its Benefits Siddh Moonga Mala is linked with planet Mars. It adds to your vitality and you remain...

Price: ₹ 6390
Delivery : 2 Weeks  
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Siddh Sfatik Mala | Sphatik Mala

Siddh Sfatik Mala | Sphatik MalaSiddh Sphatik Mala and Its Benefits Sphatik is considered to repel negative vibes around you. Positive energy surrounds ...

Price: ₹ 2250
Delivery : 2 Weeks  
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Siddh Rakt Chandan Mala

Siddh Rakt Chandan MalaSiddh Rakt Chandan Mala and Its Benefits Siddh Rakt Chandan Mala repels negative vibes surrounding you.  Positive energ...

Price: ₹ 2790
Delivery : 2 Weeks  
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Siddh Shwet Chandan Mala

Siddh Shwet Chandan MalaSiddh Shwet Chandan Mala and Its Benefits Shwet Chandan Mala is prepared from pure sandalwood. Shwet Chandan does not lo...

Price: ₹ 1890
Delivery : 2 Weeks  
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Siddh Haldi Mala

Siddh Haldi MalaSiddh Haldi Mala and Its Benefits Siddh Haldi Mala is measured as most effective and purifying herb. Wearer remains surr...

Price: ₹ 450
Delivery : 2 Weeks  
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Siddh Parad Mala

Siddh Parad MalaSiddh Parad Mala and Its Benefits Vedas measure Parad as most auspicious and pure metal on earth. Many religious signifi...

Price: ₹ 4590
Delivery : 2 Weeks  
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