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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope PavitraJyotish

Prediction for the month of June 2018

Career and Business:  You will get desired results in career/business, given you put a good amount of efforts. Gains may accrue, owing to your work relations with government/ governmental organizations. Interviews and screenings attended will give good results. You may also get good news, this month. Is your career replete with undesirable turns of events? Want to make it successful? Use career report 2 years and get a solution to unanswered questions about your career.

Love and Relationships:  You may meet a close friend this month. Your efforts to turn this friendship into a relationship (if you want it that way) will succeed. Personal relations will be harmonious too. You will be quick-witted, which will help you save the day on many occasions. Stay calm and pleasant in your behavior. A close relationship may be budding, but you may yet not realize the tugging strings. Choose carefully your question and let us answer your concern positively. Prompt and dependable solutions to love-related concerns. Get your questions answered today.

Financial Position: There may be financial ups and downs in store this month. But, you really won’t need to care much till the third week. Till then, things shall be pretty fine. Expenses will increase, but you will get suitable chances to enhance your income too. The worry for financial shortage off and on? Ask for a remedial solution for finance and get detailed guidance today.

Education and Knowledge: You will be able to progress well in fields like management, law education, literature, languages and creative/ performing arts. You will get results of your efforts. You may benefit from your good relations with an influential person, in the 3rd week of the month. If you are a parent, you may receive good news about your kids’ educational success. Be the owner of smarter and calculated decision. Spell everlasting success for your education. Ask for detailed guidance for Education today.

Health: Some ongoing health issues may be resolved now. You will feel strong and energised in the first part of the month. However, things may get a little tougher in the latter half. You must continue with a regular exercise and diet schedule. Worried about health? Have a customized Health report and know about issue troubling you and due remedial measure to get rid of the same.

Remedial Measures: You may worship Lord Vishnu and Lord Ganesha to appease the planets. Offering help, donations and service to poor, underprivileged and Brahmins will bring good results. You may also get done a Vedic worship to offer reverence to Lord Sun and Goddess Durga. Be loving and caring towards animals like cows etc.

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