Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope15 October to 21 October 2018: This week you will be trying to do your work with a better pace from the beginning itself. You will notice a strong lead in the academic areas as well. You will proceed well in your subjects at a rapid pace. As a result, you will achieve the desired success in the sports and competitive areas this week. In the second phase of the week, your expenses will go up further. You will be busy in verifying the legal aspects related to financial investments to be done this week. You will suspect that the organization is deliberately trying to conceal some important facts from you. In the second part, you might face some mental and physical stress too. You will be upset and exhausted because of this. By the weekend you will again gain positive opportunities. This will help you to maintain a stronger and stable health. You will be engaged in doing your work in an active and positive manner. In personal life you will experience affection and sweetness. In work and business, there will be a good pace and progress. Have a detail Business Strength Report