Siddh Trishakti Locket

Siddh Trishakti Locket

Siddh Trishakti Locket and Its Benefits

Here three Gemstones related to respective planets to favor you are fitted in a locket. You are then free of any kind of negative vibes from malefic planets. You get the full backing of the three concerned planets to push forward your interests. You are not to be troubled you anymore by Evil effects of weak benefices and malefic. Wearing energized Trishakti Locket is to help you achieve the desired level of success in your pursuit.

How the Gemstones are selected for the ring

  • For arranging sequence in the Trishakti Locket, we deliberate well enough on the position of planets in your kundali.
  • Expert Gemologist selects right quality and weight of the Gemstones suitable for you, in accordance with the position of planets in your kundali.
  • After all, Gemstones are fitted in a Trishakti Locket, are then purified of negative effects and energized involving one whole day Pooja, according to your Kundali.

Benefits of wearing energized Trishakti Locket

  • You get support from three concerned planets to help your progress.
  • A strong position on the financial front is assured for you.
  • Unhindered progress in your pursuit.
  • Peace and prosperity in life.
  • Harmony in relationships.
  • Helps in creating wealth.
  • You command respect in your social circle.

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