2018 Useful Tips and Remedies – 50% Discount

2018 Useful Tips and Remedies – 50% Discount

Pavitra Jyotish has developed this unique report about useful Tips and remedies for the year 2018.  You may not be comfortable with your present assignment and keen on having relief on this count, we give useful tips and remedies to make your task easier. Here there are tips, remedies for the business person also to make desired progress. For troubling health issue, the useful easily applicable remedy is suggested. We deliberate over the position of planets in your birth chart and also measure the effect of transitory planets along with Dasha period. In this way, this report is kind of inclusive and helps you soar over obstacles and keep marching on the road to progress.

Chief Astrologer Pt. Umesh Ji has years of experience in solving guiding persons with help of Vedic Astrology provisions. He prepares a comprehensive personalized report for you, identifying weak point and gives useful tips and suggests relevant remedy to help your cause. Post a query in this section to get Useful tips and easily applicable remedy.


Delivery : 7 Days

Manually Analysed and Hand-written by Expert Astrologer.


Price: ₹ 1999 1000/-

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Your Report Will Contain:

1. Astrological Details of your Horoscope Chart
2. Effect of Ascendant and Ascendant lord
3. Effect of Moon Sign
4. Response to your Question
5. Useful tips and Guidelines to make situations easier for you
6. Impact of planets for you in 2018
7. Special observation
8. Summary 2018
9. Accurate remedial measures for your problems

Benefits of this report:

1. You can take smarter calculated decisions, with a clear view of the upcoming situation.
2. The guidelines offered will help you make effective planning
3. Risks in your life will be reduced
4. Efforts channelized in the right direction will yield better results


I remember the day when Pandit Ji read my horoscope and said that Saturn being in the wrong position in Kundali doesn’t necessarily call for a bad omen for my life. At that moment, I thought of his honesty in being so helpful to me for something that others kept saying unfavourably. He provided me useful tips and remedies for the year 2018. It was all clear to me that Pandit Ji is genuinely capable of horoscope predictions with correct remedial measures.
Arnab Bhattacharya, West Bengal
I am impressed with Pt Umesh Chandra’s Astrology services. Liked the advice provided by Mr Umesh. Thanks for your true services.
Regards Naveen, New Delhi