Virgo Overview-Physical Structure and Zodiac Information

Virgo Zodiac Sign Overview PavitraJyotishPhysical

Medium height, dark hair, and eyes, quick active walk, often appear younger than age, chest prominent, straight nose, thin and shrill voice, curved eyebrows with much of hair growth, mark either or throat or thighs.


Highly intelligent, ingenious and analytical too critical of other people’s faults and feelings, a good linguist and have a scientific turn of mind for learning anything and everything. Discrimination and emotional to get easily carried away by impulse.  Nervous, lacking self-confidence, methodical, ability to present an idea in great detail. Cautious regarding their own interests, prudent, economical, diplomatic and shrewd. Remarkable for house-keeping. Mathematician, physician or interest in occult subjects.

Should guard against digestive troubles. Liable to suffer from dysentery, typhoid, gallstone etc. Delay in marriage, peaceful and pleasant domestic life, have limited number of children. Good income, success in the profession, owner of the property. Fond of being administered medicine even for insignificant complaint. Being earthy sign, take pleasure in gardening and agriculture. Fond of accumulating wealth. Adventurous, successful in life from age 20 to 25. Owns house at the age of 25 to 35, suffers during the age of 23 to 24.4, 16, 22, 36 and 55 are the inauspicious years of life. May suffer from T.B. during the last stage of life. Not every gemstone is good for everyone. How to choose a right one as per your kundali? Ask for gemstone recommendation and get the stone conducive to suggestions in your kundali.