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We offer daily Panchang to ensure users of all daily muhurta and an astrological solution can get a reliable and fast resolution of their day to day astrology needs with regard to today’s Panchang. The daily Panchang that we offer includes a thorough analysis of how current day will go in terms of brief explanation about daily five elements i.e, Vara (Day), Tithi (the lunar day), Nakshatra (the Vedic constellations), Yoga, Karan. Also, we provide in our panchanga Vikram era, paksha, moon sign,  sun sign, panchak information, important Hindu festivals, yatra (traveling) muhurta, Hindu month name, as well as Rahu Kaal and timing for sunrise and sunset. These valuable suggestions can relate to helping you find the best time to start out your activity or plan it without getting obsessed with negative results. Read our today Panchang which is available in English and Hindi and prepared by an experienced astrologer who owns profound knowledge and understanding in astrology.

English Panchang

Panchang 25 March 2019

Vikram Era: 2075, Saka Era: 1941, Month: Chaitra, Paksha: Krishna, Tithi: Panchami till 08.00 pm, Day: Monday, Nakshatra: Vishakha till 07.03am, Yoga: Vajratill 06.13pm, Karana: Kaulava Sun Sign: Pisces, Moon Sign: Scorpio, Rahu Kaal: From 07.30 am to 09.00 am, Sun Rise: 06.24 am, Sun Set: 06.31 pm.

Special – Do not travel to East direction today. If essential, on Monday, see yourself in the mirror; donate curd, conch, pearl, rice and milk.

Contact Astrologer Pt. Umesh for consultation via phone or meeting in person and get the answer to your query. 

Hindi Panchang

पंचांग 25 मार्च 2019

विक्रमी संवत्ः 2075, शक संवत्ः 1941,मासः चैत्र, पक्षः कृष्ण पक्ष, तिथिः पंचमी रात्रि 08.00 तक, वारः सोमवार, नक्षत्रः विशाखा प्रातः 07.03 तक, योगः वज्र सांय 06.13 तक, करणः कौलव, सूर्य राशिः मीन, चंद्र राशिः वृश्चिक, राहु कालः प्रातः 7.30 से प्रातः 9.00 बजे तक, सूर्योदयः 06.24, सूर्यास्तः 06.31 बजे।

विशेषः आज पूर्व दिशा की यात्रा न करें। अति आवश्यक होने पर सोमवार को दर्पण देखकर, दही,शंख, मोती, चावल, दूध का दान देकर यात्रा करें।

अपनी व्यक्तिगत समस्या के निश्चित समाधान हेतु समय निर्धारित कर ज्योतिषी पंडित उमेश चंद्र पन्त से संपर्क करे | हम आपको निश्चित समाधान का आश्वासन देते है |

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