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Are you Capricorn born native? Know about your career, health education, business, or any aspect of your life that has been the source of concerns for you for years. With our comprehensively informative Capricorn Horoscope, things get easy to understand about planetary transit and other key details. At PavitraJyotish, we offer accurate free Capricorn Zodiac Sign Free Astrology for Men and Women.

Introducing Capricorn:  Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac. This is last of the cardinal and earthly sign. The Goat symbolizes this sign. Natives of this sign are perceived as cold, calculative and rigid. They are inward, sensitive, altruistic, mature being. They are much harder on themselves than towards others. Tough taskmaster Saturn rules this sign. Jupiter gets debilitated here. Aggressive Mars is exalted in this sign. Pavitra Jyotish provides Capricorn Horoscope, Capricorn Daily Horoscope, Capricorn weekly Horoscope, Capricorn monthly Horoscope and Capricorn Compatibility also Capricorn yearly horoscope prediction to make you aware of development for Capricorn Sun sign and Moon Rashi related indications.

General Information: Capricorn is measured as Cold, dry, feminine, negative and is of short ascension, solstitial and southern. It is tropical, melancholy, quad petal and serving. Capricorn natives are very much structure-oriented and crave for constancy. As such they do not like changes and prefer to have set patterns. Capricorn born accepts change to suit their ambition, professional growth, and success. Most natives tend to be cautious, practical and prudent and hence weigh negatives much and are brilliant providers, from a material perspective. In early life, they have to struggle much. Being practical and methodical most natives of this sign are popular for their helpful nature, vibrant personalities, positive, headstrong approach and resilience. Capricorn born has a very much uncluttered mind and good at solving problems. They have very strong desire for power and prestige. Their abilities always win them an equal number of foes and friends/admirers. When they set out on their journey, they exactly know where these bumps can be expected, and they know how to handle the same. Flowers and plants corresponding to this sign are Evergreen, sturdy plants, bamboo, marigold, mountain flowers, and wildflowers. In the body, Capricorn influences the joints particularly those of the knee and patella bone, as well as bony structure or skeleton as indicated by Saturn. Arteries are those in knees and veins are those running through the knees.

Positive Aspects of Capricorn: Capricorn natives are hard working, are good sincere as a friend, good at solving problems. They are good at planning; taking care of minutest details and considers each possibility. They are being practical and have a pragmatic approach.

Negative Aspects of Capricorn: At times, Capricorn natives sound very much pessimistic and are hard on enemies. Undesirable characteristic for them is nervousness, conceit, selfishness, discontent, suspicion, authoritativeness, gloominess, depression, and impatience.

Special Tips: Natives of this sign needs to hold dignity, prudence but avoid being overly cautious. They are persistent and classical examples of experimental learning.

Lucky Number/s: 8, 6 and 2

Compatible signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Libra

PavitraJyotish provides Astrological guidance for Moon Rashi and also Sun sign. We do so by presenting free Daily Weekly, Monthly and Capricorn Zodiac Sign Yearly predictions for you. PavitraJyotish.com provides the Astrological Report according to the Vedic system by Astrologer in South Delhi.

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