Surya Puja

Surya Puja

Significance of Sri Surya (Sun) Puja

Surya Puja is dedicated to Lord Surya. It is recommended to those people who have malefic defects of the sun in their horoscope. Lord Surya is considered as the boon that helps the people who are facing obstacles, financial problems, hurdles and misfortune in their life. Sun is known as the Lord who provides power, glory, and strength.

Lord Surya (Sun) is a famous Vedic deity of the Hindus. Sun is the lord of the entire solar system and hence he is the king of all the planets. Surya signifies the “Atma” hence it is given the highest importance. The worship is extremely beneficial for overall wellbeing and progress in all areas of life. From the astrological point of view, Sun is the most important of all the planets and holds a special importance in the chart.

Pavitra Jyotish Kendra will organize Sri Surya puja on any of auspicious Sundays for the clients. A distinct Puja with an elaborate procedure (16 upacharas) will be done as per the scriptures by our Vedic priests. We will also perform the chanting of Sri SuryaAtharvasheersha. Various hymns and mantras of Lord Surya such as Gayatri mantra, Surya Upanishad, Aditya hridaya etc. will be used along with the procedures given in the Shastras. Your name and Nakshatra (star) will be included in the Sankalpa before performing the puja. After the puja, you will be receiving the Prasada of the puja and along with this, you will also receive an empowered Surya yantra which you can keep in your puja place and worship on a regular basis.

Benefits of Sri Surya Poojan:

  • It is very important if the Sun is not well placed in the horoscope.
  • It resolves any kind of PitraDoshas in the chart.
  • Any kind health problems (especially eye diseases) are cured by blessings of the Sun god.
  • It is the best solution for those with low confidence or willpower.
  • It is very helpful for the students for gaining good concentration level.
  • It is best to perform this puja those wishing to get into the government sector.
  • It gives longevity and healthiness to the native’s father.

Complimentary Gifts:

  1. Siddh Surya Yantra

Delivery: 7 days According to Muhurta.
The scholars and pundits of Pavitra Jyotish have performed your puja, for amazing and miraculous relief from suffering and alleviate your problems.


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