Birthday Puja

Birthday Puja

About Birthday and Its Role in our Life

For anyone, his/her birthday is one of the most remarkable days in life. Irrespective of what your current age is, there is this perceptible sense of attachment with the day you were born. It should be noted that the time of your birthday holds a very important role in your horoscope. It provides a guideline to astrological study, based on which it is predicted that your life would take either productive or destructive course in future, depending on planetary position or transit of stars, including the sun and moon in your birth chart. It is, therefore, this reason that role of your birthday holds its significance because of which astrology makes a prediction about your future.

Importance of birthday puja

Birthday puja is now considered to be one of the most important remedial measures in an astrology based on which some key rituals dedicated to pacifying your malefic planets in kundali are followed under the guidance of an erudite pundit. It should be noted with a great attention that birthday puja should never be carried out without consulting a pundit about an auspicious day for this occasion, and the puja must follow suggestion and recommendation of your pundit. It is vital or else, the full benefit of birthday puja will not be attained.

Benefits of birthday puja

  • A birthday puja, if done in accordance with proper rituals and procedures, results in curative effects in your kundali as an unfavourable planet in your birth chart no longer casts its ill spell on your life.
  • Prosperity blooms in your life.
  • Growth that was once an elusive concept in your life comes back.
  • Fills you with new-generated vigour and enthusiasm.

To say in brief –

Birthday is one of the most important days in your life. This is the very day when astrology predicts your future based on the position of stars or transit of planets in the Vedic system. Birthday Puja is an auspicious method for removing ill effects caused by malefic planetary transit in your horoscope. Besides, such Pujan prospers your life positively.

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