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Crystal or Sphatik

Crystal Or Sphatik – Use Positive Energy of Crystal

Sphatik or Quartz crystal is a natural product of mother earth. It is good conductor of energy and holds positive vibes in it for the benefit of the wearer.  The capacity of Sphatik is to increase or strengthen the positive vibes in you and make you free from anxiety, fear, uncertainty and negativity. Sphatik possesses strong field of light and energy which can be used as a field of protection in direct opposition to negative vibrations. Thus attuned with your energy, Sphatik strengthens your ability towards harmonious living and helps in fulfilling your aspirations.

Sphatik-Crystal helps to strengthen the purpose/ intention/ goal, diminish stress, help with balancing your energies, support Healing abilities and make you potent with your inherent strength. Largely used for various healing techniques, Sphatik is a store house of positivity, strength and power.

Using Sfatik or Crystal as a remedial measure for aligning the energy of planets, is an effective way to keep the negatives impact away from you and to bring in aura of positivity around you. Friction in your office or discomfort with your seniors can be transformed into harmonious association with the help of Sphatik. This holds good for personal relations, siblings and interpersonal bonding.

Sphatik Ganesh

Sphatik Ganesh Sphatik Ganesha signifies the energy of radiant white energy as it absorbs light from the surroundings and reflects rainbow colors. Lord Ganesha is God of wisdom and destroyer of all obstacles and negative energies and thus Sfatic Ganesha is very auspicious as it provides highly beneficial effects. This crystal protects against negative energies and is … Continue reading Sphatik Ganesh

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Sphatik Sri Sri Yantram

Sphatik Sri Sri Yantram Sphatik Shri Shri Yantra is believed to be the most important of all Yantras and is associated with Goddess Lakshmi. The user gets several benefits like wealth, success, happiness, prosperity, honour, fame etc. All the desires all fulfilled and the sources of income are increased as the effects of this Yantram.

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Sphatik Laxmi

Sphatik Laxmi Sphatik Laxmi is the piece of Laxmi charan kamal made of sfatik crystal. It is considered to provide the user with benefits such as financial gain, happiness, prosperity and protection from negative energies. This crystal is considered to balance energies and can be used for diagnostic healing.

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Sphatik Durga

Sphatik Durga Sfatik Durga crystal has strong field of light energy that provides protection against negative vibrations. The environment surrounding the user is filled with positive energy and it becomes the personal healer of the body. Benefits such as happiness, protection against diseases, prosperity and positive environment are provided by this crystal.

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Sphatik Shivling

Sphatik Shivling Sfatik is considered to be the purest pearl on the planet that never gets polluted. Sfatic Shivling provides happiness, bliss, health and success to the householders who worship it. The environment is filled with harmony, peace, abundance, divinity, auspiciousness and happiness as the result of the presence of Sfatic Shivling.

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Sphatik Hanumaan

Sphatik Hanumaan Sfatik Hanumaan crystal has strong field of light energy that provides protection against negative vibrations and please planet Mars and Saturn. The user gets benefits like success, wealth, prosperity in life, good health and the environment is filled with divinity and positive aura. The malefic effects of the negative energies are reduced and thus obstacles … Continue reading Sphatik Hanumaan

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Sphatik Sarswati

Sphatik Sarswati Sfatik Sarswati crystal enhances the benefic effects for the user and also the malefic effects related to Mercury are reduced. This crystal provides strong connection with the omnipotent to the user if it is worshiped daily. The user gets several other benefits like health, prosperity, success and happiness in life, specially knowledge.

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Sphatik Gola

Sphatik Gola Sphatik Gola is a ball made up of crystal that removes negative energy, provides protection against black magic, bring positivity in life and helps to maintain the balance of environment harmonizing it. If all the procedures are followed properly than magical powers of this crystal purifies the environment and spread happiness, prosperity and abundance all … Continue reading Sphatik Gola

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Sphatik Kachuwa

Sphatik Kachuwa Sphatik  Kachuwa is believed to provide several beneficial effects to the user such as it brings prosperity, happiness and success. The user gets financial gains and also gets rid of all the debts. It brings harmony in the relations of family members and blesses them with good health, success and prosperity.

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Sphatik Laxmi Ganesh

Sphatik Laxmi Ganesh Sfatik Laxmi- Ganesh crystal absorbs light energy and reflects rainbows. This crystal has the powers Trinity and helps to overcome obstacles and difficult situations. The user is bestowed with name, wealth, health, prosperity and harmony. The negative energies are removed and the user achieves success and growth in life.

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Sphatik Meru Sri Yantra

Sphatik Meru Sri Yantra Sphatik  Meru Sri Yantra is one the most ancient symbols in the world. This Yantra is worshipped to bring fortune, wealth and prosperity in the life. It is an auspicious Yantra that should be kept in Poojan area, business place and temples. It removes obstacles from the life and removes Vaastu Dosh.

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Sphatik Pindi Shivling

Sphatik Pindi Shivling Sphatik Pindi Shivling is made from the natural crystal. It is believed that worshiping this Shiv Linga brings happiness and fame for its devotees. Also, it helps in getting rid of the negative energies from the family. It contains the Empower mighty, of Lord Shiva and showers harmony and unity on its worshipers.

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