Pavitra Jyotish

Festival and Pooja

Akshay Tritiya Festival 28th April 2017

In the scorching heat of the summer, the earth is fully laden with a variety of fruits and flowers. When the crops are ready for harvesting, the farms and the entire landscape of the country looks very much decorated. The sight is very pleasing to the farmers and every individual of the country.


Goddess Siddhidatri – Ninth Day Of Navratri

For destroying the cruelty of evil demons on the earth and for the welfare of the whole of humanity, goddess Durga descended on earth as her ninth form of Sri Siddhidatri. This form of the goddess is the epitome of completeness and prosperity. She is the suppressor of all the demons and giver of desired fruits to her devotees.


Goddess Mahagauri – Eighth Day Of Navratri

When the incitement of demons was so much beyond the limit that even celestial beings were tortured by the evil asuras, gods gathered for finding a solution for this menace and a divine energy in the form of light emerged from them and took the form of goddess Durga. She was the one who manifested in different forms and slain the demons over a period of nine days.


Goddess Kaalratri – Seventh Day Of Navratri

For the protection of dharma and for the destruction of the demons, whenever sages and noble men have prayed to the god, he has time and again incarnated on the earth as a divine power to save the living beings. In the same way, goddess Durga manifested out of the energies of all the gods for the very same reason. The seventh form of goddess Durga manifested on the seventh day of Navaratri and she is known as “Kaala-raatri”.


Goddess Katyayani – Sixth Day of Navratri

Whenever the oppression of the demons starts dominating the earth, whenever sages, saints, and celestial beings get victimized with the torture of the demons, then there is certainly a divine incarnation of supreme energy for the betterment of the world and suppression of the evil. In the same manner, goddess Bhagwati incarnated as Sri Katyayani for the sake of betterment of the world.


Goddess Skandamata – Fifth Day of Navratri

For the welfare of the entire world and for the betterment of the devatas, goddess Durga manifested as nine different forms during the nine days of Navaratri. In this sequence, the incarnation of goddess Skanda-maata takes place exactly on the fifth day for blessing the devotees. In the Vedas and Puranas, various deities are not only equated with the parents, but they are also known as “bhakta-vatsala” meaning affectionate towards their devotees.