Sphatik Meru SriYantra

Sphatik Meru SriYantra

Sphatik Meru SriYantra and Its Benefits

Worshipping Sphatik Maha Meru Shree Yantra can be of great help for the worshippers. It can bless them positivity, respect in social circle, peace, and can also manifest never-ceasing flow of prosperity in their lives. Buy Crystal Meru Sri Yantra Online at PavitraJyotish is quite affordable to suit your budgetary needs.

Sphatik Meru Sri Yantra is measured as most ancient symbol. Worship of this Yantra lifts fortune and in turn leads to notable success in your endeavor. Worshiper achieves financial abundance, works well in owning property, creating wealth. Positive vibes surround you. All sorts of negative vibrations are repelled effectively. Worship of Sphatik Meru Sri Yantra works well in removing obstacles and clears road to progress and prosperity. It also helps in soaring over Vastu Dosh in the premises. You are to have a pleasant and enjoyable time in relationships.

Sfatik (Crystal) Meru Sri Lakshmi Yantra is an auspicious one. This can be kept in place of Pooja, office or in your living room. The place is then surrounded by positive vibration. Pavitra Jyotish caters quality Sphatik (Crystal) Meru Sri Yantra to help your cause.

It is dipped in Milk/solution for one day to purify it. Then due ritual/Puja is performed to energize the same.  After that it is carefully packed and delivered to you.

Benefits of having purified and energized Sphatik (Crystal) Meru Sri Yantra

  • Worship of the Yantra leads to peace and prosperity.
  • Obstacles on road to progress in removed.
  • You are able to own property and create wealth.
  • You remain in a strong financial position.
  • You are surrounded by positive vibrations.
  • Your clout in social circle increases.

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