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What does your Aquarius Zodiac sign tell about your career, education or future life? Find the proper and immediate overview for any trouble or quest to your future with our top of the line Aquarius Personality prediction by our expert Renowned Astrologer in Delhi Near Me. Find remedial measure for Aquarius Traits, success tips and Aquarius Lucky Numbers to make sure that your life is on track. create detailed Aquarius Today Astrology, Aquarius weekly Astrology, Aquarius monthly Astrology and Aquarius Yearly Astrology give you a fair insight into your life and also help you understand what the future holds for you.


Middle stature, well built and strong, round and handsome face, cheeks broad, prominent temples and buttocks, fair complexion, brown shade hair, defective teeth, mole or scar in the calf muscle, body full of hair, hands and feet thick, prominent veins.


Humanitarian, healthy outlook on life and its problems. Interested in all progressive things, reserved, weigh everything before executes or watches and waits till others execute. Caution, patience, concentration, studiousness never leave him. Their conversation is always interesting. Straightforward temperament, admired by all kind, found of learning and inspires noble thoughts love of nature, kind disposition, consistent in friendship, strong in likes and dislikes, love for solitude. They develop intuition and inspiration. Interested in deep meditation and concentration, retentive memory, research on scientific lines, works for common and downtrodden, earn money through modern machinery, investments and discoveries, interested in technical education. Fondness for home preferences for equally intelligent and educated partner irrespective of age. Home well furnished having a collection of antiques managed in modern fashion does not give expression to their love. If lovers are passionate, they will not be satisfied as Aquarian may appear to be cold liable to suffer from the infectious disease, tooth problems, tensile etc. Prosperity during the age of 22 to 40 chances of injury by arms, Ironwood during the age of 41 to 43 fortunate during the age of 44 to 67, suffers after the age of 68, 28, 33, 48 and 64 are the inauspicious years of life.Wondered to know what can cure your personal issue? Choose our instant astrology solution and get life-changing answer in terms of guide, suggestion and remedial measure.