Instant Ask a Question

Instant Ask a Question

In this competitive day to day life, wanting to know something right away is the desire of everyone. Hence, it is self-explanatory that people intend to follow the doctrine of ‘instant question and instant solution’ to quench their curiosity.

To say otherwise, people sometimes want an immediate answer of who, what, when, how, and why. A quick ‘yes’ to your question leads to a better understanding of your situation without getting into the mumbo-jumbo of horoscopic details.

Get an instant astrological answer to your question that might just correlate with your career, business, finance or any problem you name it.

Renowned Astrologer at PavitraJyotish offers guarantee solutions for your instant question. He has earned a specialization in the astrology through years of astrological practices and understanding their intricate mystery, causes, and influences.

The best astrological answer offered by our astrologer completely resonates with your Life Related Problems so that you can proactively manage your life’s unpredictable circumstances or avoid certain risks posing threat to your finance, job, career or marriage.


Delivery : 7 Days

Get your manually analysed and Hand-Written report by expert Astrologer.


₹ 750/-

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Your Report Will Contain:

1. Astrological Details of your Horoscope chart
2. Astrological analysis of your situation
3. Response to your 1 question
4. How to make use of this report
5. Lucky measures to benefit to you (Lucky number, days, metal, time, direction & gemstone)
6. Mantra and Puja Remedies
7. Accurate remedial measures for your problems (Lucky Yantra & Rudraksha)
8. Important tips to make situations easier for you

Benefits of this report:

1. You will be able to form your steps ahead once you know the possible areas of strength and work upon the areas of concern.
2. Having known the choice possible, you can avoid the weak areas and focus your attention on areas that are benefic. in your life so that you can enjoy a blissful marital life.
3. Despite the apparent confusions, you will be able to understand your love and take a decision wisely.
4. Your fear, apprehension, worries and stress will be reduced


Astrologer Umesh is a genuine person who has the complete knowledge of jyotish in entire Delhi.
Peeyush, Ajmer
I met astrologer Umesh Ji and to tell the truth, I was spellbound by his magnetic energy. I had a horoscope reading and got inspired by his prudent analysis of my life’s trajectory. I found him gifted, down to earth, professional, and very savvy for his acute understanding of my circumstances so better.
Anil Kulkarni, Mumbai, Maharashtra