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Taurus Horoscope – Monthly

Taurus monthly January 2017


General planetary positions for the month of January are as follows:

This month the Sun will enter the 9th house on 14th January. Mars will transit in the 11th house on 20 January. Mercury will transit in the eighth house as before. Jupiter will transit in the fifth house. Venus will enter in the 11th house on 27th January.  The Saturn will be transiting in the 8th house on 26th January. Rahu will transit in the fourth and Ketu will transit in the 10th house respectively.


Career and Business:

You will gain an excellent lead to shine in your professional career during the month of January. You will be presented new opportunities in the areas of medicine and commercial ventures. You might take up and exam too. You will be reviewing your preparations before the test. You will be successful in every step during the first, third, and last phases of the month. You will interact with new people to grow your business circle. Know your personalised Career Report 1 Year


Love and Relationship:

In January, you will get a chance to be near to your relatives and friends. Your uncle or father could need to go to the hospital for the regular check-up and follow-up for the treatment. There are indications that you will receive good news from your siblings. The first and the third parts of the months will be relatively favorable in terms of personal relations. You will be closer to your special partner. The second and third phases could present you some challenges. Get your Love and Marriage Prospects



You will be a bit more active towards increasing your salary this month. However, as per the planetary indications, you will feel disappointed with the remuneration you get for your efforts. But this will not the case, in the third phase of the month, you will be very successful in enhancing your income levels. Your efforts will be rewarded in a satisfactory way. But it is possible that some part of your income would be spent towards loans and investments. Check your Finance Report 1 Year.


Education and Knowledge:

There will be a gradual and positive increment in your academic aspects in January. You will be repeating your subjects and will be inclined towards revising the same time and again. Your knowledge will be sharper this month. You will be highly inclined towards future results and hence you will put in more efforts. The first and third parts of the month will prove more beneficial to you. But there are possibilities that someone might try to make you stray from your path. Resolve your education issues with Education Report.



This month your health will be about average. You will be able to do your tasks very well and comfortably. Your health will be better than before. If there are any health issues of the past, you will be able to cure them this month. The second and third phases of January will be more auspicious. But during the rest of the days, you could face troubles like skin problems, urinary disorders etc. If your routine is not punctual, you could face high blood pressure as well. Improve your health with our Health Report


Remedial Measures:

Performing following remedies would bring success for the Taurus zodiac.

  1. Chant “Sri Shiva Chalisa”.


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