2019 Career Report

2019 Career Report

2019 Personalised Comprehensive Career Report

2019 career report is consolidated guidance for your needs to plan and execute your priorities smartly. Do you know planetary transit, dasha and planets affect your career life either adversely or positively depending on its nature? This is true and has been proven through astrological pieces of evidences claiming that our career life is very much affected as our planetary positions. Therefore, knowing things in your career in advance will help you with right knowledge to get prepared for your career.

This comprehensive 2019 career report also lets you know about prospects of being promoted, hike in remuneration as well. If seeking a change, the report also dwells on the possibility and right time to change in career for betterment.


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Your Report Will Contain:

1. Astrological Details of your Horoscope
2. Effect of Ascendant and Ascendant lord
3. Effect of Moon Sign
4. Response to your Question
5. Career Prospects as noted from your Horoscope Chart
6. Impact of planets for you in 2019
7. Year in a Nutshell
8. Detailed report of 2019 in 4 quarters
9. Special Observation
10. Summary 2019
11. Accurate remedial measures for your problems
12. Important tips to make situations easier for you

Benefits of this report:

1. You can take smarter calculated decisions, with a clear view of the upcoming situation.
2. The guidelines offered will help you make effective planning
3. Risks in your career progress will be reduced
4. Efforts channelized in the right direction will yield better results


I would like to share with you that as predicted in your report that Job opportunities can come for me from 19th August 2018 was very true. Your recommended remedies are really very effective.I will be in touch with you for further guidance. I like your website and regularly follow it! Great sir! Definitely, you are not only best astrologer in India also whole the world. Excellent!!!.
Sandeep Sharma, Delhi
In my Career past year, there was no sight of success or positive growth despite working hard and putting my best efforts into job responsibility. Consultation with Astrologer Umesh helped me a great deal with the positive experience especially it did a notable change in my career situation. From Promotion to desired growth, my career was on success, thanks to the prompt and apt counseling of best pandit Ji in India and all over the world.
Romita Agrawal, Indore, MP