Devotthan Ekadashi

Published On : August 20, 2023  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Shri Hari Bodhani Or Devutthana Ekadashi

Considered as the most supreme status of religious affinity with Lord Vishnu, the festival of Shri Hari Bodhani is the chief opportunity toward Godward. Not only the festival ensures connectivity of devotees with the lord but it also marks inception of many religious rituals, like wedding and other ceremonies. Lord Vishnu comes out of his four-months long slumber during this day. It is said that Lord Vishnu and other deities retire to their bed chamber during this occasion called Dev Shayani Ekadashi, that takes place on Shukla paksha of Ashadha month. The incident also marks advent of the monsoon accompanying heavy rainfall and swamps, thus causing difficulty to the peasants and other people in migration from one place to another. It also affects many religious activities and business works due to slumbering of the lord. This occasion marks re-beginning of that same divine cycle (sleeping). Devutthana Ekadashi on Shukla Ekadashi of Kartika month is also called in local dialect as Devutthana Ekadashi, that is also the green signal to resume those works stuck in limbo for four months. Therefore, this resumption of work is known as Shri Hari Bodhani Ekadashi, considering waking up Lord Vishnu during this day sets in motion activities like yagna, charity, and so on, it also marks beginning of wedding occasions previously stuck due to lord’s sleeping. Completion of rituals associated with Chaturmasya vrat is also done, and this day also begins Bhishma panchak. Lord Vishnu is married to the basil plant as per the ritual on this occasion. It is performed religiously by the devotees. Tulsi-wedding is the ritual ending sins of many births of the devotees. This time, the occasion starts on Wednesday, 25 November 2020, on eleventh day of Ekadashi during Shukla paksha of Kartika month. The basil plant is known for its herbal potency and contains spiritual importance. Being endeared to god is what makes basil plant to be offered to the lord, considering without it, the worship of Lord Vishnu is considered incomplete.

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Hari Bodhani Ekadashi, The Cure Of All Sufferings

Disparity surrounds the mankind in their lives caused by their ignorance of the rage which is the bone of many sufferings. The absolute surefire solution to these sufferings lies in religious texts on any matter related to progeny or destitution. With the blessing of Lord Vishnu, these sufferings and pains get cured just as the light cures the darkness with its illuminance. The ancient saints have clearly stated in this context that worshiping the lord with devotion would benefit the devotees religiously. Once lord Sutji was asked by Shaunakadi rishis and other eighty-five-thousands of rishis in Naumisharanya about the solution to all the temporal sufferings and diseases. The scholar of epics, Sutji told them about Ekadashi vrat as the remedial measure to cure these pains and sufferings. In the same way, lord Krishna told about Ekadashi vrat when asked by Yudhishthira and Arjuna, telling them that Ekadashi vrat can cure of all sufferings, destitution, and pains to the departed soul of forefathers. In other words, Devutthana Ekadashi vrat is the cure of all sufferings.

Puja Methods For Hari Bodhani/Devutthana Ekadashi

Exercise self-restrains and celibacy one day before the vrat occasion or Dashami day, by avoiding anger-inducing diets and alcoholic beverages etc. Worship the lord with devotion and ask for his divine favor. Next day, wake up early in the morning, take a look at your palms, finish your daily routines, and collect puja related supplies. Sit eastbound or northbound and perform Achamana ritual three times. Sprinkle the ritualized water on puja supplies while chanting the mantra. If not knowing the mantra, sprinkle the water while remembering the lord Vishnu, praying for internal and external purity. Now, be seated and lit up diya, take Sankalp for vrat and start the worship of the lord with shadopchar method. You can have the puja done by any scholar brahman priest. Dedicate your puja to the lord Vishnu in religious conduct.

Method To Awaken Gods On Hari Bodhani/Devutthana Ekadashi

Hari Prabodhini Ekadashi is known and worshipped by various names, such as Dev Uthani, Devutthani, Devthani, Shri Bodhini or Prabodhini Ekadashi etc. Celebrated on every year of Ekadashi of Shukla paksha during Kartika month, the festival involves awaking Gods, particularly the lord of the lords, Shri Vishnu using rituals of variety forms, accompanied by various accoutrements, like conch, dhol, trumpet, ghadiyal, ghadi-ghant, and others to worship the lord, by praying the lord to wake up and institute welfare of the mankind in the world. Use the mantra dedicated to awakening the lord Vishnu, considering his sleeping means the whole world is asleep thus putting all activities in suspension. Thus, offer the lord scented water, and worship him with various rituals. awakening of the lord Vishnu must be begun since early in the morning. This festival of awakening the lord is celebrated with great devotions in all over India, including the housewives in villages who bang on a bamboo-made shield called Soop to celebrate the festival of awakening the lord Vishnu. They pray for the lord’s awakening, to dispel the poverty, and institute the welfare to the mankind in the world. According to swami Nityanand Saraswati Ji, Sun is the supreme lord in this world, as it is called the soul of the world. Even lord Vishnu and other gods relate their names to the sun lord. The reason people believe that the sun is in the status of slumbering is because, in this season-driven world, the sun is overcast by the clouds on monsoon season. Under such condition, the lord Vishnu has to be woken up, or devotees have to awaken the lord by stirring his name in their souls. This is called apex of self-restrain and devotions causing protection from various diseases

Importance Of Hari Bodhani Ekadashi

Hari Prabodhini Ekadashi is important religiously, socially and health-wise. Special attention needs to be given on maintaining proper diets and thoughts, apart from caring for seasonal diseases our body sustains during climatic changes. Saints and hermits stay for four months on a place and offer their worship and prayer to the lord Vishnu. This Ekadashi concludes ending of Hari Prabodhini vrat. The lord is married to basil tree by devotees at temples and in their own homes where the same ritual is observed privately. This implies advent of wedding time for the unmarried men and women. This is a very important festival on various counts.

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Stories Of Hari Bodhani Ekadashi

There are countless sources detailing the story of hari bodhani Ekadashi. One of them is briefly mentioned as thus – Once Mata Laxmi asked Lord Vishnu his prolonged sleeping that continues for eons cause elimination of all the creatures in the world, triggering annihilation of the world. Therefore, Mata Laxmi requested lord Vishnu to sleep once a year, so that other lords, including her, could get some time for rest. Lord Vishnu smiled at her request and accepted it, saying he would remain asleep for four months in a year, and devotees who perform auspicious rituals and offer worships to please the lord during these periods of sleeping would be rewarded divine favors. Lord Vishnu said devotees would get prosperity and peaceful settlements in their lives in the proportion of their devotions to worship me. Since then, the festival is being celebrated with great pomp and shows by devotees. Another tale of this festival relates to a king who disallowed foods to animals and people due to his divine allegiance. However, a servant of the king who was recruited on the condition of not eating foods on Ekadashi later requested for the foods, citing without it he would perish. When the king offered him food on his request, he offered that food to the lord Vishnu who ate it and went to his heavenly abode called Vaikuntha. Later, the servant requested more foods from the king, saying lord Vishnu also dines with him. The king didn’t believe him and he secretly observed the cooking of food in anticipation of whether the lord appears to eat the food. However, God had to appear to give the salvation to the devotee. There are so many stories like this which are related to Ekadashi vrat. According to a tale, in the kingdom of a king, selling of food stuffs was banned on Ekadashi tithi, as the king believed in the devotion of the lord Vishnu. He passed the rule not to let anyone sell edible stuff during Ekadashi period. This devotion of the king was examined by the lord himself, who wore the guide of a beautiful woman, and later the king passed the exam to the satisfaction of the lord, who granted him salvation.

Specialty of Hari Bodhani Ekadashi

This festival is special on various counts, as this day marks adorning of entire house and worshipable place dedicated to lord Vishnu beautifully is done by people as per their devotions. In some places, there is custom to craft the feet of the lord or his footwear or charan paduka is placed. Special worship is organized in front of lord’s effigy. Various types of food stuffs, and fruits etc. are placed in front of the lord. A mandap made by sugarcane is also done. The statute of lord is ensconced and he is being offered a variety of foods as prasad. Devotees lit up Akhand Jyoti. The Ekadashi vrat is very important and should be followed religiously. While awakening the lord, pray to him that he is the one worshipped by all Gods, and that request him to accept your offerings. Sing devotional songs and do kirtan of lord Vishnu. In light of increasing violence and injustice worldwide, only divine path could lead to pacifications. Some people also believe that the festival of diya is symbol of prosperity.

Significance Of Hari Bodhani Ekadashi And Basil

Though basil plant casts its spiritual value in our lives, it is also very important from the viewpoint of herbal. To accentuate the very value of basil, it has been associated with lord Vishnu and so she is married to lord Vishnu, as per the custom during Shri Prabodhini Ekadashi. By the way, we have many tales surrounding the importance of basil plants.

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