Siddh Parad Saraswati

Siddh Parad Saraswati

Siddh Parad Saraswati and Its Benefits

Siddh parad Saraswati murti blesses you with heightened sense of wisdom and intellectual refinement. Mercury Saraswati idol buy online and avail a great deal of features. Bring forth peace and wisdom in your life.

Parad Saraswati is linked with Goddess of knowledge Saraswati. Worshiper acquires knowledge, wisdom. The person receives blessings from Goddess Saraswati. Devotee has then improved level of concentration, good memory, acquires high level of knowledge about subject of interest. Peace and prosperity prevails all around. One gets right direction to follow and achieve notable success in his/her pursuit. In turn, devotee remains in a strong position on financial front. You then command respect in social circle. Parad Saraswati is extremely useful for students and scholars.

Parad Saraswati can be kept in your study room or Puja place. The place is then surrounded by positive vibration. Pavitra Jyotish caters quality Parad Saraswati to help your cause.

The Parad Saraswati might carry negative energy. It is dipped in Milk/solution for one day to purify it. Then due ritual/Puja is performed to energize the same.  After that it is carefully packed and delivered to you.

Benefits of having purified and energized Parad Saraswati

  • You remain blessed by Goddess Saraswati.
  • You can learn things quickly and develop good memory power.
  • You can concentrate effectively for extended hours.
  • You can acquire high level knowledge and wisdom.
  • You are to remain in a strong financial position.
  • You command respect in social circle.

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