Siddh Sampoorn Vastu Yantra

Siddh Sampoorn Vastu Yantra

Siddh Sampoorn Vastu Yantra and Its Benefits

Sampoorna vastu dosh nivaran yantra is powerful remedial course that helps you drive away vastu related faults in your living surrounding. Besides, it can bless you with prosperity as well. You can ask our expert vastu professional regarding where to keep sampurna vastu yantra in your living or commercial place to attain maximum positive vibes essential for your success.

Sampoorn Vastu Yantra works well in removing negative energies from a residence and also the workplace. The negative energies originate from the inauspicious direction of rooms. The Yantra by radiating positive vibes leaves no space for negative energies. In turn, peace and harmony prevail all around. Positive vibes from the Yantra, pave way for happiness and prosperity for the owner and persons around. All Vastu defects are quelled. This Yantra is a combination of thirteen Yantra. Pavitra Jyotish caters to a purified and energized Sampoorn Vastu Yantra to help your cause.

How the Yantra is prepared

The Yantra is usually carved on either copper or brass plate. It is gold plated if necessary. We have developed a proprietary method to cleanse the Yantra of negative vibes and then energized, attuned especially for you. Our method is based on our deep research and understanding of Vedas and related astrological scriptures.

Benefits derived from the worship of purified and energized Sampoorn Vastu Yantra

  • The Yantra removes all negative energies originating from Vastu defects in premises.
  • The Yantra radiates positive vibes all around.
  • Paves way for peace and happiness for the owner and user.
  • Prosperity for the owner.
  • All Vastu defects are quelled.

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