Wedding Horoscope Report

Wedding Horoscope Report

Wedding Future Analysis, Marriage Horoscope Prediction

Getting married is a major event in human life. Married one is to be curious about marital life. One is to remain concerned about Good and not so good traits, leanings of partner for life. Hope for a happy and harmonious relationship with a spouse to continue. Here there is concern about when having a cute little kid. I do not own a place to reside, then priority is about to buy a place to reside peacefully with a partner for life and future progeny. What kind of challenges lie ahead is also to be thought of. What are the similarities between the concerned couple and what will be ground of disagreement with a partner for life is also thought of? We also try to view the date of marriage and its implications for future astrologically. You then want to draw conclusion astrologically. We also give suggestions about the due remedial measure for problem coming up in future. At last, we give important tips to ease out tension and feel happy. PavitraJyotish provides accurate marriage prediction or wedding report according to your marriage horoscope chart. Get your report and answer to your all queries related to marriage.


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Your Report Will Contain:

1.Astrological Details of your both kundali

2.Good Traits

3.Bad Traits



6.Home and Leisure

7.Life Challanges

8.Your similarities – positives

9.The Differences – Negatives

10.Your Marriage Date analysis

11.Conclusion (for the sake of love, power, money, position etc.)

12.Accurate remedial measures to deal with future problems

13.Important tips to make situations easier for you

Benefits of this report:

1.You have detailed Kundali of both persons
2.Knowing traits of each other and comply accordingly.
3.Married one can plan well for having a progeny.
4.You are able to match the wavelength of partner for life.
5.On knowing about similarities and dissimilarities, you have time to adjust accordingly.
6.You are able to enjoy marital life to fullest.


If one thing that defines the best astrologer in Delhi, Umesh Ji is his ability to provide prompt and accurate solutions to any problem related to astrology. Mine was associated with the marital scuffle that was going intense day after day. I asked four questions to the astrologer in order to ensure if the answers genuinely meant to serve my purpose. Frankly, Umesh Ji answered all my questions using his deep wisdom and knowledge of Vedic astrology. I recommend his service.
Ruchi Chauhan, Delhi
In my experience, Pandit Umesh Chander 's astrological inferences are quiet near to reality as he blends traditional astrological knowledge with modern life styles and progress of mankind.
Satish Pasrija, Mumbai, Maharashtra