About Salman Khan

Date : December 5, 2018  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Introduction Salman Khan – Famous Indian Film Actor and Television Personality

Salman Khan, Indian Film Actor and television personality famously known as “Bhai” is an eminent celebrity. He is an actor, producer, and sometimes does playback singing as well. His father, Salim Khan, has been a noted actor, producer and screenwriter in India. Salman debuted cinematic appearance in the movie, Biwi Ho To Aisi and since then, he appeared in more than 100 movies in his career span of 30 years. As a producer, he received two National Film Awards for Chillar Party, and Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Two National Awards he received as an actor for films – Maine Pyar Kiya, and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Movies in which Salman acted during 2010’s were commercially blockbusters thereby establishing him as the sole actor of Bollywood to have given the highest-grossing films for 10 different years. Those films were Dabangg, Ready, Ek Tha Tiger, Kick, Sultan, and Tiger Zinda Hai (2017). Forbes listed him as Top-Paid 100 Celebrity Entertainers in world. Khan is also known for his charity work through Being Human Foundation founded by him in 2007 for providing education and healthcare services to the underprivileged. His lifelike wax stature is installed in London’s Madame Tussauds Museum, and another one in New York’s Madame Tussauds Museum. Despite some controversies on legal and personal fronts, Salman, nonetheless, is one of the much-loved celebrities holding an unmistakable influence as a commercially successful thespian of Indian Bollywood cinemas.

At PavitraJyotish, we delve deep into astrological analysis of Salman Khan in an effort to study dimensional aspects of his life, as depicted in the following horoscope chart.

Birth Details of Salman Khan are as per given below:

Date of Birth: December 27, 1965, Birth Day: Monday, Birth Time: 14:30:00, Birth Place: Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India


Astrological Highlights and short analysis

Salman Khan, Indian Film Actor is born with Aries Ascendant. Aries is ruled by aggressive Mars. In the cycle of 12 Zodiac signs, Aries, the Ram represents beginning. The Aries native generally has the characteristics of an egocentric yet innocent newborn or clueless yet full-of beans newbie. No wonder, Aries, the Ram is an activist par excellence. Aries natives are addicted to promptness. Action and readiness for action form an integral part of their psychology. It’s good thing that once they mature they realize that world at large is quite different from their infant-like optimism, simplicity and frankness.

Ruler of the Ascendant Mars is in its sign of exaltation Capricorn along with Venus being ruler of the seventh house and positioned in the tenth house. This position leads to become much ambitious and work hard. Wily Saturn rules the tenth and the eleventh house. Saturn is in its own sign Aquarius along with Moon being ruler of the fourth house. Both are stationed in the eleventh house. This position leads to being good at formulating strategy to succeed in his pursuit. This position also leads to getting opportunity to have handsome financial gains. Mighty Sun owns portfolio of the fifth house. Sun is in last of fire sign Sagittarius and positioned in the ninth house. Ruler of the ninth house, benevolent Jupiter is retrograde in a dual nature air sign Gemini. Jupiter is placed in the third house, in opposition to Sun in the ninth house. Jupiter also eyes the eleventh house along with Saturn and Moon placed therein. This leads to having lot of meaningful and otherwise relationships. Also leads to have large number of fans. The third and the sixth house are domain of Mercury. Mercury is in a fix nature water sign Scorpio along with malefic Ketu. Both get placed in the eighth house. Malefic shadow planet Rahu is in a fix nature earth sign Taurus and positioned in the second house.

In Bhav Chalit Kundali Jupiter shifts into the second house.

In Navmansha D9 chart no planet is exalted or debilitated.Get your Personalised Horoscope Reading By PavitraJyotish

Effect of major transiting planets

Benevolent Jupiter currently transits in a fix nature water sign Scorpio. Jupiter now moves through the eighth house. During this transit Jupiter crosses over radical position of Mercury and Ketu stationed in the eighth house. This transit of Jupiter does not sound a happy proposition for Salman Khan, Television Personality. Some his films may not get hit at Box office. He needs to keep his cool and have patience on his side.

From 30th March 2019, Jupiter enters its own sign Sagittarius. Jupiter becomes retrograde in Sagittarius from 11th April. From 23rd April Jupiter reenters Scorpio in retrograde mode. Jupiter becomes direct in Scorpio from 12th August. This period of retrogression of Jupiter is to prove kind of challenging for Salman Khan. He needs to exert more and avoid conflicts to keep moving to maintain his position as a super star. He needs to accept role in film which suits his traits.

From 5th November Jupiter again enters its own sign Sagittarius. Now Jupiter moves through the ninth house in company of wily Saturn and malefic Ketu. This movement of Jupiter through the ninth house is work well for Salman Khan, Indian Film Actor. The intensity of evil effects of two malefic is to get less effective. Jupiter transits in Sagittarius till end of the year 2019 and beyond. This transit of Jupiter seems progressive and prosperous for Salman Khan.Get your Remedial Solution For Personal Issues By PavitraJyotish

Wily Saturn presently transits in a dual nature last of fire sign Sagittarius in 2018 and whole of the year 2019. Saturn now traverses through the ninth house. During movement through the ninth house, Saturn crosses over radical position of mighty Sun posited therein. This transit of Saturn does not sound a happy proposition for Salman Khan. His film is not to get hit at Box office. He needs to remain careful about his health. Health of his father is also to need attention here. Movement of Saturn is to be eventful and much challenging.

Malefic shadow planet Rahu (north node) presently transits in a water sign Cancer. Rahu then moves through the fourth house. Salman Khan, Television Personality is to remain attentive about domestic matters. He may incline to buy property now. Movement of Rahu is to work well for Salman Khan. Malefic Ketu currently transits in Capricorn and moves through the tenth house. During movement through the tenth house, Ketu crosses over radical position of exalted Mars and Venus stationed in the tenth house. This movement of Ketu does not sound well for Salman Khan on occupational front. Success is likely to elude Salman Khan here. He needs to keep his cool and have patience on his side.

From around March 2019, both shadow planets change sign. Rahu enters a dual nature air sign Gemini. Rahu now moves through the third house. During this transit Rahu crosses over radical position of Jupiter posited in the third house. This movement of Rahu is to act as obstructive force about enhancing his prospects on occupational front. Ketu enters last of fire sign Sagittarius and Joins Company of wily Saturn transiting therein. Now Saturn and Ketu move through the ninth house. This movement of malefic is to obstruct progressive forces to work effectively. Even his hard work is not to yield encouraging results. Salman Khan, Television Personality needs to keep his cool and have patience on his side.

Summarily transit of major planets during 2019 is to be eventful and more challenging for Salman Khan.Get Your Love and Marriage Prospects By PavitraJyotish