Aja Ekadashi Vrat

Published On : July 12, 2022  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Aja Ekadashi Vrat And Its Importance

This vrat has the power of eliminating your pains/sufferings and auspicious results in your life. Devotees observe this vrat with great faith and devotions. There are two Ekadashi vrat in practice during Krishna and Shukla paksha of a month. The one called Ekadashi holds its specific values, so much so that the very effect of it can rid of all your sins and sufferings. Same goes with Aja Ekadashi which is celebrated on Ekadashi of Krishna paksha during Bhadrapada in a year. The importance of Aja Ekadashi Vrat can be compared with Spring season, which animates the whole atmospheric scenario triggering resurgence of its lost glory, as the festival triggers resurgence of prosperity in your life. Devotees observe the vrat dedicated to lord Vishnu, with complete devotions to gain divine favor and immunity from all temporal sufferings. This results in ending of their pains and sorrows in the life of devotees. Besides, Ekadashi vrat also results in salvation of forefathers. The auspiciousness of this vrat got king Harishchandra his lost kingdom and glory, causing revival of prosperity from utter destitutions.

Aja Ekadashi Vrat And Its Puja Method

This vrat requires devotees to maintain self-restrain and avoid anger-inducing foods like non-veg etc. one day prior to the day (Dashami) of vrat. They should finish their daily routines, like attending washroom etc. wear new cloths, and keep puja-related materials dedicated to lord Vishnu and Mata Laxmi and place the same on a worship-spot. Collect everything required for puja, like flowers, utensils, etc. near you, and be seated on a clean seat. Complete rituals for self-purification, remember the lord and offer Him prayer. Do puja on your own have it done by a learned Brahman priest. Dedicate your puja to the lord and say sorry for any mistake.

Story Of Aja Ekadashi Vrat

The son of Kunti, Yudhishthira, once asked lord Krishna about the importance of Ekadashi in Krishna paksha during Bhadrapada. He expressed his desire to listen to the significance of the vrat from lord Krishna and requested him to narrate the same. At this, lord Krishna told him about a truthful king named Harishchandra, who donated his entire kingdom to sage, Vishwamitra, just to honor the dignity of his truthfulness. However, the donation also caused him to sacrifice himself, along with his wife and a son. He was forced to serve an employment with an outcast at a graveyard. He fretted over his plight constantly, until he met sage Gautam, who advised him to observe Aja Ekadashi. Motivated by the advice, the king followed the vrat, which later animated his dead son, got back him his lost kingdom and wife, whom he sacrificed in time of greater sorrows. Doing puja of Lord Vishnu and Mata Laxmi on this day could attain you divine blessings, including the results of peace, prosperity and elimination of sufferings in your life.

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