2017 Sun Sign Predictions for Twelve Zodiac Sign

Date : September 28, 2016  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Sun Sign Yearly Predictions 2017  for all Zodiac Signs

Sun Sign Yearly Predictions 2017. With the approach of 2017 and bidding a farewell to 2016, there are apprehensions and anxieties for the coming year. What is in store for career, business, love, and relations, finances or in education matters? With a curious interest, from the young to the old, everyone is keen to welcome the New Year with a keen question on the possible results, situations, and events. Who will wear the crown? How will the love relation progress? How will the health be along with financial growth? Which zodiac sign will benefit in this approaching year? The planets hold the capacity to touch the depth of the ocean and reach the height of sky and thus decorate each life with all possible options. One may be healthy, wealthy or intelligent or be the reverse of these, the orientation of planets impact every sign with some positive/benefic and creative faculties and some trying times to polish the abilities to perfection. Let us understand these aspects in every sign, from Aries to Pisces, in detail.

Those born in Aries zodiac Sign (Rashi) will note progress in their career and appropriate periods of progress. Educational progress will be prominent for those in Taurus zodiac Sign (Rashi). Those born in Gemini zodiac  Sign (Rashi) will note progress in business matters, with an active and agile observation. For those born in Cancer zodiac Sign (Rashi), finances will be painful. There will be strong efforts needed for progress in technical matters, planning and in legal professions. For Leo zodiac Sun Sign (Rashi) natives, the profession will be progressive. Promotion and better opportunities in service sector and progress in leadership matters will be noted for those born in Virgo zodiac Sun Sign (Rashi). This year will be notable for those born in Libra zodiac Sign (Rashi) in health and professional life which will need dedication and efforts. Travel and touring / relocation-related matters will, however, need much attention. Those born in Scorpio zodiac Sign (Rashi) will note mixed results as Saturn transits between ascendant and 2nd house. Those born in Sagittarius zodiac Sign (Rashi) will also note mixed results. Those born in Capricorn zodiac Sign (Rashi) will have opportunities to redesign and integrate the professional and business aspects. Mixed results will be noted for those born in Aquarius zodiac Sign (Rashi). This year will be particularly favorable for those born in Pisces zodiac Sign (Rashi) since they will get much more than they deserve provided their efforts remain consistent.

From Aries to Pisces, how would the year pan out with results?

Let us note the predictions.

Note: It is to be noted that the readers read and understand the impact of prediction based on their individual Rashi (Sun Sign).Talk to Astrologer and Get Effective Solution By PavitraJyotish

The orientation of Planets for all Zodiac Signs in 2017

Generally, the orientation of planets will move in the following manner throughout the year.


From the start of the year, Sun will transit from Sagittarius and move to Capricorn on 14 Jan 2017. Sun will transit to Aquarius on the 12 Feb and will transit to Pisces on 14 March. On 13 April Sun will transit to Aries and on 14 May Sun will transit to Taurus. Sun will transit to Gemini on 15 June this year and will transit to Cancer on 16 July 2017. Sun will move in its sojourn over Leo on 17 Aug and will transit to Virgo on 17 September. On 18 October Sun will transit through Libra and will move to Scorpio on 16 November. Sun will further transit through Sagittarius on 16 Dec 2017.


Since Moon moves at a fast speed, it traverses two and a quarter Nakshatra meaning one Rashi (Zodiac sign) in two and a half days. Moving at this speed, Moon will traverse from Aries to Pisces throughout the year.


Mars transits through Aquarius from the start of the year and will move to Pisces on 19 Jan. Further on 1 March Mars moves to Aries. On 12 April 2017 Mars will move to Taurus and will reach Gemini on 26 May. On 31 May Mars will be go set and will transit through Cancer from 11 July. On 26 August Mars will transit to Leo Rashi. On 17 Sept Mars rises again and on 13 Oct 2017, Mars transits through Virgo. On 30 November Mars transits on Libra continues to be in Libra until the end of December 2017.


At the start of the year, Mercury will continue its journey through Sagittarius. On 9 Jan Mercury moves in direct motion and reaches Capricorn on 3 February. On 22 February, Mercury transits on Aquarius and reaches Pisces on 10 March. On 26 March Mercury transits through Aries. On 7 April Mercury moves in retrogression and on 11 April Mercury sets in the West, to rise again on 28 April from the East. Mercury will regain its direct motion on 5 May and will traverse through Taurus on 03 June. Further on 10 June Mercury will set in the East. Transiting through Gemini Rashi on 18 June Mercury will rise in the West on 2 July and will transit through Cancer Rashi. Mercury will thereafter transit in Leo from 21 July. In its retrogression from 11 Aug, Mercury will set in the West on 19 Aug. On 22 Aug in its retrograde motion it rises on 3 Sept in the East. On 5 Sept Mercury moves in direct motion and on 23 Sept Mercury sets yet again and on 26 Sept Mercury moves to Virgo. On 13 October, Mercury transits through Libra and will rise on 25 October. It will move to Scorpio on 1 Nov and will reach Sagittarius on 24 November. Mercury turns retrograde on 2 Dec and will set on 6 Dec in the West. Mercury will transit through Scorpio on 10 December. Further Mercury will rise in the East on 18 December and will continue its direct motion on 23 December 2017.Get Your Love and Marriage Prospects By PavitraJyotish


At the start of the year, Jupiter Transit through Virgo and moves in retrograde motion from 8 Feb 2017. Jupiter regains its direct motion on 7 June 2017. On 12 Sept Jupiter transits to Libra until the end of the year. On 12 Oct Jupiter will set and will rise again on 8 November and will continue its journey ahead. Get your Personalised transit report of Jupiter (Guru) Now:


From the start of the year, Venus will continue its transit through Aquarius and will reach Pisces on 27 Jan. Venus will move in retrograde motion from 4 March and will set 23 March. Venus will rise on 27 March from the East and will regain its direct motion on 15 April. Venus will yet again move in retrograde motion on 15 May and transit to Aries on 31 May. Further, Venus will transit through Taurus Rashi on 29 June and will reach Gemini on 26 July. On 21 August Venus will transit through Cancer and will reach Leo on 15 September. Venus will reach Virgo on 9 October. Further, on 2 November, Venus will transit through Libra and will reach Scorpio on 26 November. On 17 December, Venus will set in the East and will continue its sojourn.


After completing its transit through Scorpio, Saturn Transit to Sagittarius on 26 January 2017. Saturn moves in retrograde motion from 6 April and returns to its direct motion on 26 Aug 2017. Saturn further continues its motion in Sagittarius for the rest of the year. Click here to get your Personalised Saturn Transit Report.


From the start of the year, Rahu will continue its transit through Leo. On 18 August Rahu will transit to Cancer and will continue to be in Cancer for the rest of the year.


From the start of the year, Ketu will continue its transit through Aquarius. On 18 August, Ketu will transit to Capricorn and will continue to be in Capricorn for the rest of the year.

Wishing you and your Family a very Happy New Year 2017.Book An Appointment With Astrologer By PavitraJyotish