Importance of Vastu Shastra

Published On : December 24, 2018  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Values And Significance Of India’s Leading Vastu Shastra Art

Is Vastu Shastra really important for us?

Vastu Shastra holds an important role for our living. Though some people assume misconception about this science of architecture, however, it does not water down its important at all. Vastu is not merely a science of constructing a property, but it is rather a connection with the ancient Vedic science promoting blissful living. Vastu is a term taken from a divine being called God of vastu or Vaastu Purush. It is the science of architecture based on its nature of promoting design concepts regarding direction-specific study associated with the foundation of a house/.building/plot/ or other structures. This theory further validates the importance of Vastu as a prime contributor to our dwelling place by ensuring its happiness, peace, and constant flow of positive cosmic energy throughout its surrounding so that occupants experience blissful living.

Vastu involves mathematical calculation of a site’s direction-based attributes. Based on the data, proper and ideal position of rooms, including the consideration of exit and entry passage, along with placement of furniture items are determined, as per vastu principles. These precautions later contribute effective wellbeing of the occupants of a vastu-compliant house. Therefore, we can say vastu Shastra is quite important for us, given how applied principles of this science render growth, peace, prosperity and wellbeing to our life.

Is Vaastu Shastra really effective?

Vastu Shastra is effective based on its relationship with the science of building a housing place or any structure to ensure that peace and harmonious benefits continue to flow in the property. This, in turn, benefits the occupants or the owners of the property with growth and success in their lives. The ultimate purpose behind the application of Vastu Principles is to produce useful advantages that go in favor of the occupants of a vastu-compliant home. The efficacy of vastu science is that if its principles related to direction of your rooms and placement of household items are properly applied in conjugation with the suggestions of a Vastu Shastra Expert, then useful benefits, such as balancing positive cosmic energy around your surroundings, peaceful relationship and eternal prosperity, as well as success in your chosen endeavor will happen in your life.

Vastu plays a crucial role in construction of a building and ensuring dimensional and character features of rooms in terms of length, sizes and breadths, together with ensuring that the property utilizes harmonious cosmic energy to its fullest. Vastu is effective when construction of a building follows both traditional and modern perspectives incorporating correct direction principles as suggested in vastu science. Considering application of vastu is unavoidable based on useful benefits it provides, it goes without saying that this science is productive, in its entirety, today.Book Your Comprehensive Personalised Career Report By PavitraJyotish

Benefits of Vastu Shastra

Salient Benefits of Vastu Shastra:

  • Harmonizing nature’s energy – Vastu harmonize nature’s powerful energy sources, such as – sun, moon, wind, light, thermal, earth, electric, magnetic and cosmic energy. These energies harmonized by vastu render utmost benefits to the owner of a living space with growth and perpetual prosperity.
  • Monetary blessing –Correct application of vastu principles in a house blesses its occupants an abundant supply of wealth or financial happiness by unblocking your fate to golden opportunities and success. Exponential monetary growth yields in your life, as well as you get to experience financial dependence and security with application of vastu principles in your living space.
  • Growth in your chosen endeavor – Vastu science is a great remedial course for anything that is halting your growth in your chosen endeavor. Whether you seek a promotion or success in your job/career or want to go an extra mile in your academic pursuit, following vastu will help you expand your horizon, with growth and success coming in great measures in your chosen field of activity. This is the very power of vastu that enables you to experience a series of golden chances that your life offers you!
  • Keeps your relationship bond always strong – One fine contribution of vastu Shastra in your relationship is that it acts like a great neutralizing factor against every negative element causing the bond of your relationship to fade and brittle. Experience healthy relationship with better family bonding with your relatives.
  • Brings happiness – If you notice that your living space is the house of scuffle and misery and it is no longer a harmonious space that it used to be, it is because of vastu flaws in your property. High time you got rid of such defects for the resuscitation of lost happiness in your dwelling place, with every member living together happily.

The points above clearly prove that vastu Shastra may not yield you an immediate benefit to your living space, but application of the same is not a vain tactic to bring forth peace, prosperity and a never-ceasing flow of positive energy in your life. All you have to do is to consult a truly vastu expert, as there are many fake professionals in the market today who are more inclined to make money out of your innocence than providing you good help for your vastu related needs.

Vastu Shastra and Its Basic Principles

Vastu is a science of architecture that mainly focuses on direction of a living space together with combining all five nature’s elements to create a congenial setting/atmosphere helping the occupants to experience peace, prosperity, happiness, and soundness of health. Vastu is an ancient science of architecture which finds its origin in the Vedas and works on the principle that earth/soil is the living orgasm cultivating a life form of creatures. Vastu, also known as dwelling place, is the space-creation mechanism. It forms a connection between a person’s life and time cycle.

Vastu Principles:

  • Orientation that determines direction-related facts to allow a living space to maximize cosmic energy force of five elements.
  • Site planning that is associated with design layout concepts applicable in construction of a living space.
  • Proportion measurement to ensure dimensional harmony of a property, in terms of its length, size and breadth, as well as thickness and interspace management.
  • Dimensions or architecture rules involving six components like foundation/base, column, entablature, wings, roof and dome.
  • Aesthetic that ensures a building has its rhythmical character by ensuring application of different factors, such as consideration on plot purchase and construction-specific guides among others. 

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Importance of Vastu Shastra for your Home

One of the most important factors determining why vastu should be applied in your home is to drive cosmic energy to your living space so that all the five energy elements of the ever generous nature can be harmonized in your place. This, in turn, will give you benefits, such as you will achieve success in your chosen endeavor, be it education, career or so on. Moreover, scuffle related to your marital or love relationship can be brought to its complete resolution, with peace and harmony abundant in your bond. The benefit of achieving success in your business or professional life is another benefit that trumps the Importance Of Vastu Shastra application in your home.

Vastu Shastra is a science of improving your spiritual understanding of how to live in perfect harmony with the nature’s five elements, which consequently delivers you the benefit of peaceful and blissful living experience. To maximize the benevolent energy force of vastu in your home, it is must to buy the property in compliance with vastu principle, together with keeping in mind that placement of household furniture items is done for every room of your house in a way as suggested by your vastu expert. Any furniture in triangular/circular shape should not be added to your home, but square/rectangular is fine. Vastu Suggestion and Remedies also suggests that placement of furniture should not stick to the wall but rather place them at a distant off the wall to ensure free-flow supply of the positive energy throughout the home.

Importance of Vastu Shastra for your office

Vastu-compliant office not only gives a coveted growth to your business but it also ensures enhanced productivity and efficient creativity boost among your employees, along with infusing positive and vibrant ambience around the workplace and throughout the office atmosphere. Just pay attention to orientation of your business place and acute analysis of whether your commercial property constitutes the favorable elements of vastu. Recommended here is to ensure correct application of vastu principles from the time when you buy an office plot and run construction work on it. To get the most values out of vastu applied in your office, make sure office desk, furniture etc. are properly placed. To creative positive ambience around workplace, office setup, direction of departments, office desk position and many other factors must be considered so that dynamism and vibrancy dwell in your office place.

Simple Vastu Remedies and Tips for you

  • Do not leave the wall at the entrance side of your home blank. Place a picture or statue of Lord Ganesha there. A blank wall emits negative energy of loneliness.
  • North-east is an auspicious direction for Puja Ghar. Offer your prayer facing North-east direction.
  • If you want to experience fortune in 2019, place a lit lamp near the water pot of your house.
  • Bedroom facing southern direction is good for removing unrest in your family.
  • Sleep your head to the South-facing direction for welcoming wealth and prosperity in your life, while to East direction, power of memory and brain retention capacity will be improved.
  • Do not eat in bedroom or on the bed. Both may cause a health disorder.
  • Do not keep thorny plants like cactus in the home.
  • Study room is good in recommended directions like north-east, north-west, north, west and east.
  • Bathroom facing East or North-West direction is good for the house.
  • Pictures of violent graphics should not be used anywhere in house to rid of negative energy.


Is vastu Shastra really important for our living? Based on the points mentioned above, one can conclude that while immediate benefits of vastu principles in a house may not happen, but it doesn’t rule out the importance of vastu science for one’s living. Principles of vastu are now accredited to be the solid science of architecture promoting the design concepts for a house in a way that nature’s five elements can be maximized into the wellbeing of every occupant of the house. This explains as to why vastu Shastra is not only important but is also an unavoidable need for every person wanting to erect a house by purchasing a new plot of land or a new readymade home. Moreover, applied principles of vastu Shastra in your office can boost commercial quotient of your property in a great way. Similarly, residential property designed in respect with vastu parameters is always a house of positive energy force keeping its occupants in great physical fitness, as well as growth and prosperity in their chosen endeavor. Consult a reputable Vedic Astrologer for availing comprehensive benefits of vastu science for your residential and commercial space.

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