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Published On : February 19, 2019  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Know What Feng Shui Stands For, Its Principles

Introduction of FengShui

Feng Shui or fengshui is a Chinese Traditional Art and Science said to have come into existence in the country over 3000 years ago. It culturally translates as the constituent of wind (Feng) and water (Shui) bearing a sign of fortune or misfortune, depending on its situational pose as per geomancy method of divination in China. Also referred as pseudoscience and physiognomy, fengshui is that ancient body of knowledge which is deeply marinated in the cultural stereotype of China and so is signified as a culturally specific expression and essence of energy force that benefits individuals by harmonizing existing force of their surrounding environment.

Constituents of Fengshui or Feng Shui

Wind and water – Literal translation of fengshui states that it is constituent of wind and water with its roots dating back to over 3000 years ago. This Chinese metaphysic is considered to be an effective promoter of fortune and prosperity as well as wellbeing in the residential or commercial space of an individual.

Yin and Yang – The constituent of Yin in Feng Shui represents feminine and passive energy force while the constituent of Yang represents energy force of masculine and warmth.

Basic Principles of Feng Shui

According to general Principle of Fengshui, a home can release the exact kind of energy/chi flows throughout the property for a lifetime based on the arrangement of furniture and other objects by a homeowner. Expert of fengshui knowledge is known as geomancer who uses mathematical calculations to figure out what a property or house has for its owner and how the property’s fengshui will affect the owner’s life later on. The expert conducts experimentation and observation to arrive at the conclusion of how the surrounding environment of a property can be harmonized to promote wellbeing, peace and prosperity in various aspects of an individual’s life, such as in his career, relationship, health, marriage etc.

Fengshui works on three principlesenergy/chi, natural element, and bagua. The energy principle of feng shui reveals life force in motion flowing around the surrounding environment of a property. Adverse effect happens when the flow of such energy force is blocked or stuck due to certain faults or flaws as per fengshui interpretations. The natural elements of fengshui constitute fire, earth, metal, water, air, space, and wood.

Each of the elements has its own distinctive set of attributes. In feng shui all these elements are balanced to evince positive energy force. The bagua is a grid-shaped chart suggesting an object should be placed in such an order that it is in sync with the energy elements of a surrounding environment of a house or a property. This arrangement finally benefits various aspects of an individual’s life, in terms of increasing fame, power, wealth, creativity, wisdom and so on. Bagua is said to be a potent technique to help you bring your dream into reality.

Feng Shui and China

Feng shui is said to be Chinese geomancy originated almost 3000 years back. This ancient body of knowledge suggests methods for constructing buildings in such a fashion that residents of the property will experience happiness and prosperity throughout their lives. Constituting in fengshui are attributes such as – interior design, architecture, garden design, and urban planning. Fengshui is a determining criterion to place an object conducive to the flow of energy in a house. Building houses often follow feng shui principles in China and so focus on framework, layout, colors and materials is exercised under the guiding principles of fengshui.

The Chinese had mastered the art of sensing invisible energy force beneath the earth a long time back. They named such earth force as Yin and Yang and so, invention of compass was brought to fore which later eliminated the dependence of Sun dial as a tool to determine the sun’s direction and the time of the day. The use of fengshui in China is quite widespread and the knowledge of it has spread over the world conveying that feng shui is trusted method for promoting happiness, Wellbeing and Prosperity in the life of a property owner, if the principles of it are applied methodologically.

How to Create Good Fengshui in Your Home

To apply the principle of fengshui in a house doesn’t necessarily warrant someone to be an expert in this pseudoscience. If you believe that the universal energy force is present in every element of the earth’s environment, you can incorporate feng shui in your new home or in home remodeling activity to experience positive energy flow throughout the space.

Use the following Feng Shui or FengShui tips in your home for its wellbeing and harmonious energy flow:

1. If the entry door of your house creates squeaking noise the moment you come or go from your house, it is the sign that the faulty door needs to be fixed. In fengshui it is considered an omen signifying the shriek or cry of the door. Oil the hinges of entry door as well as other doors of your house to ensure squeaking sound does not occur.

2. The bathroom door of your house needs to be shut closed for the reason that water is a sign of wealth and in feng shui; this must not be flushed away out of your life like water in the bathroom. Recommendation is – keep the cover of toilet seat down and bathroom door closed to reduce the bad effects of Feng Shui.

3. If you have a television in your bedroom, make sure it is covered by a fabric when not in use. This is essential to prevent the active energy of the appliance or its related electronic effects from disrupting quit energy of the house helpful for a good night’s sleep.

4. Windows of a house should not be left riddled with grimes. Wipe them clean as doing so will invite more positive energy flow inside your house.

5. A cluttered house is a sign that energy flow is restricted. So it is vital to do a space cleaning. Discard anything non-essential in your house. Conduct a heavy duty space cleaning to let positive energy fill in your house.

6. Entry door of your house must face a certain object to increase the commanding position of the house. Such object could be bed, stove or desk. The entry door is considered “mouth of chi” and so must face a certain object in a diagonal position to keep the energy flow harmonious in the house.

7. While the bed should be placed in commanding position in the house, it is also important to make sure that there is at least two feet of space available on both sides of the bed. Place a small size nightstand on each side of the bed. Make sure the bed has a solid headboard securely fastened to it. Make it your habit to set the bed every morning, thanking it for supporting you every night.

8. The choice of colors in your home must be based on the principle of fengshui. Yellow, orange and brown are good for improving stability in life while dark-brown helps you ground your relationship. Buy a chair of dark blue or black to study. Red color is good for those needing their passion to be magnetized.

9. Never leave your closet overstuffed. It bears a sign to the universe that you don’t need anything else in your life signifying stalemate of growth in your life. De-clutter by removing unessential stuffs.

10. Dusty corners of rooms must be cleaned to stir up positive energy flow inside the house.

Best Feng Shui Tips

Fengshui tips for wealth:

1. To attract wealth chi in your house, make sure the living place is equipped with a strong front door decked with certain symbols conveying feng shui protection and fortune. Also, pay attention to the condition of the door such as any squeaking sound it makes. Ensure that the door is free from releasing such sound. Moreover, open the front door widely. The house must have harmonious balance of positive chi.

2. The place you live with your family or run a business, make sure the space there is free from objects or unnecessary things cluttering it to a point that energy flow throughout the surrounding of the house seems full to a choking point. This results in ominous signs like reduction in your profit in business or misery in your life.

3. Use certain Fengshui symbols representing wealth and fortune like wealth ship in your office place or in your house.

4. Use feng shui aquarium to attract wealth chi.

Fengshui tips for bedroom:

1. To promote harmonious flow of nourishing in bedroom and make it vibrant and full of sensual energy, make your bedroom free from electronic equipment like computer, TV as they boost stress level and cause spousal relationship more stressful, as well as causing distraction and other sorts of disadvantages.

2. Ensure incoming of spotless and pure air quality in your bedroom. No plants near the bed.

3. Placement of bed should be done in such a way that you can reach it on both the sides.

4. Avoiding placing the bed directly facing the door.

5. If you want to deck your bedroom with attractive images, choose the ones promoting happiness, nourishment, and energetic feel. Avoid images expressing sorrow or loneliness.

6. As for lighting, choose the one like candle bedroom lighting to create intimacy and warmth in spousal relationship.

7. Keep all the doors of the bedroom close at night to block the positive energy from going outside through the doors/windows or other passageways.

Fengshui tips for career:

1. Use horse symbol. It promotes energy of success, growth, freedom and speed in your chosen career.

2. Use popular items like mirror, tall vase or fountains in the north bagua area. It will make energy career stronger.

3. Feng shui dragon in the shape of Pearl or crystal symbolizes wealth and abound opportunities. Use them.

4. Keep at your workplace the black and white photo of your role model.

5. Place your bed/desk/sofa or other main furniture in the command position so that you can see the door of your room without directly being in line with it.


Feng shui today is a widespread popular method for determining if the property you reside or operate your business can bring forth positive energy force to create success, prosperity and eternal wellbeing in your life. Today this ancient knowledge of China dating back to 3000 years ago is not merely confined to its originating nation but has become a global “must-follow” art & science in fields like interior design, architecture, garden design, and urban planning. Application of Feng Shui properly in accordance with its underlying principles can bring a great deal of fortune and wellbeing, together with strengthening you to be in control of external circumstances and lead a life in happiness, comfort and joy. The philosophy of fengshui articulates that the universe combines everything that is linked to the Chi/energy and which conducts as a key force to work in our favor. This Chinese geomancy promotes betterment in the life of adherents, as well as helping them experience harmonious balance in every aspect of their lives.

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