Sun (Surya) Transit in Pisces (Meen Rashi) 14th March 2017

Date :  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Effects Of Sun Transit In The Life Of Pisces

Sun in Pisces (Meen Rashi)

After a month-long stint in Aquarius (Kumbh) Sun enters into a dual-natured watery sign Pisces from 14th March 2017 (Tuesday) at 17:46 in the evening. Sun traverses through Pisces till April 13, 2017 (Thursday) at 21:47. Sun then shifts into its sign of exaltation Aries (Mesh Rashi). Pisces is ruled by benevolent Jupiter. Sun and Jupiter are measured as a good friend of each other. Pisces is last of the zodiac sign. A pair of fish is the symbol of this sign. Pisces can be described as sensitive, spiritual, stubborn and often seem to be sympathetic yet shrewd. This watery sign is embodied all that is humanitarian and idealistic. Sun moving through Pisces is not considered auspicious for getting married. Starting something new, purchasing property for residence or commercial purpose, during transit of Sun in Pisces needs to be avoided. In this way, this transit of Sun is not measured good for myriad things as mentioned here. If you have interest in music, performing arts or any other creative kind of things, this seems good supportive to follow your interest.

How Sun (Surya) Transit on Pisces 14 March 2017 Will Affect You!

Now let us see how this transit of Sun in Pisces has in store for your Moon sign.

Aries (Mesh Rashi)

Sun here transits in the 12th house for your Moon sign. The fifth house from your sign is governed by Sun. This indicates that Student may not be able to focus, concentrate effectively during this transit. Distraction in one form or other is hold student from remaining attentive to studies. A single one is likely to have a strong urge for enjoying pleasures of physical intimacy with the targeted person of opposite gender. One already in love relationship and keen on ringing wedding bells has to wait till Sun traverses through Pisces. If you are spiritually inclined, here seems god supportive time to follow your interest and also make headway therein. Sun here transits in opposition to Jupiter moving through Virgo (Kanya Rashi). This indicates a good time for self-growth. In regard to money matters, this movement of Sun does not seem much supportive. Your personal habitual expenses are to increase. Try to check effectively expenses to have more money in the pocket.  Meet Chief Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra, in Person to have a solution for your concern. Book an Appointment.

Taurus (Vrishabh Rashi)

Sun rules the fourth house for your sign. Sun now moves through the eleventh house for your sign. This is indicative of spirit enlivening monetary gains for you. In turn, your saving potential is to increase and also add strength to your position on the financial front. Sun here is to help the student to learn things quickly and also remember well enough. In turn, the student is making good satisfactory progress. If exams are scheduled during the first half of April, the student stands to fare well. There is a possibility of meeting with some influential person here. This can result in enhancing your prospects in general. Newlyweds or otherwise couple keen to have a child, this seems good supportive time for conception. Parents of the school-going child are to feel happy with the academic progress of the child. It is also kind of soul-searching time for you. Sun here can help to make progress in your spiritual pursuit. This period is good for following social media and tries to reunite with old contacts. Not sure what hampers your business from growing up? Ask for detailed guidance regarding business and make positive decisions about your venture fearlessly.

Gemini (Mithun Rashi)

Sun now traverse through the tenth house for your sign. This may prompt business person and sales professional to plan a short-term travel for having new customers to boost sales. This transit may not directly help to enhance your financial prospects. You are to remain busier with work-related activities. A student doing graduation needs to pay more attention to studies to make progress. Relationship with a sibling is to be comforting. You may be keen to do things for the development of the sibling. Career oriented may be entrusted with some important task to work upon. This may be an out stationed base task. You need to sharpen your skills to meet new challenges comfortably. It is likely to have the inclination to give a fresh look to your residential place. Professional in the line of hospitality is to have a gainful time here. This seems supportive time to expand your base. Married one needs to do something special to keep a partner for life in the good responsive mood. Want to get the best astro solution to your life-related problem? Our life reading report is just comprehensive solution-guide. Get it today.

Cancer (Karka Rashi)

Sun holds a portfolio of the second house for your sign. The second house pertains to finance and family among other things. Sun is to now pass through the ninth house for your sign. This is indicative of a good strong position for you on the financial front. Sun can add strength to your financial position. This seems supportive time go on pilgrimage with family or visiting a sacred religious place. For the student, this transit does not seem much supportive. Viewing this student needs to remain strongly motivated and remain very much attentive to studies. Lovebirds are to have a pleasant enjoyable time together. It is a good idea to plan an outing with family over the weekend. This kind of activity works well in increasing sense of belonging among family members. You may go to seek the blessing of your Guru or a high-level spiritual person. The health of someone elder in the family may need attention here. Puzzled about marriage? Marriage Ask A Question and get detailed Answer.

Leo (Simha Rashi)

Sun happens to be the ruler of your sign. Sun provides vitality and energy. Sun now traverses through the eighth house from your sign. This may see you short of vitality and energy as well. This transit signals coming from better times in ensuing times. Some good encouraging opportunity seems to be in offing for you. You need to prepare for meeting new challenges. Professional is to get a hint about the prosperous time ahead. A student may have a challenging time in remembering things effectively. A repeated revision can help to remember things effectively. Family-related expenses stand to increase. You may need to increase provision for the family. Here seems good supportive to follow your spiritual pursuit. While meditating you may have some enthralling experience of that unending bliss. This can reaffirm your belief in designs of almighty. This seems a good time for kind of soul searching for you, even if you are a nonbeliever. Know how far current business is to work well for you. Get Strength Reading for Business Report now.

Virgo (Kanya Rashi)

Sun owns the 12th house for you. The 12th house is about expenses, loss and also about pleasures of physical intimacy. Sun is to move through the seventh house that is in right opposition to your Moon sign. The seventh house is about a partner for life and partner in business if any and also a day to day activities. Transit of Sun here can lead to disturbances in the day to day activities. The job holder is to have a challenging time performing effectively. You may then need to work for extended hours to make up for the lost time. Married one may remain in discomfort in marital life for one reason or other.  Gift something which your spouse always liked to rejuvenate relationship. The proximity of exalted Venus with Sun here signals about coming of good encouraging opportunity for you. With new opportunity, new challenges are to come up. So be prepared to meet new challenges in ensuing times. This does not seem good supportive time for major financial involvement. Have a short and precise Answer to 1 question.

Libra (Tula Rashi)

Libra is the only sign which has a non-living object as a symbol. The scale is the symbol of Libra. Sun is the ruler of the eleventh house for your sign. The eleventh house is about gains and relationships in general. Sun now traverses the sixth house for your sign. Sun here is indicative of enjoying good general health. If you are being troubled by any health issue for long, there is a likelihood of finding some alternative medicine to cure the ailment. You may not be much comfortable with near ones in relationships. Use your persuasion skills to resolve the pinching issue in an amicable way. Opportunity to benefit monetarily is to come up here. You may need to work it out to gain monetarily. Your personal habitual expenses are to increase here. Execute due discretion while spending money. Avoid buying unwarranted things to have more money in the pocket. The business person is to score over competitors. Job holder may be entrusted with the important task to work upon. This is to prove a challenging task for you. This Detailed Kundali Matching report is a must to select the right person to marry and enjoy a happy married life.

Scorpio (Vrischik Rashi)

Sun holds an important portfolio of the tenth house for your sign. Scorpio is a friendly sign for Sun. A person with Sun in Scorpio has the admirable quality to bounce back from adverse conditions. Native remains very much passionate about fulfilling own desires. Sun makes move through the fifth house for your sign. This gives business person opportunity to successfully negotiate a big-ticket deal. Career oriented is to have the opportunity to prove his/her worth. Sun here is to work well in adding more strength to your position on the financial front. A student is to have a quick grasp of things and remember effectively. In turn, the student is to make satisfactory progress and farewell at exams. Good supportive time for couples eager on having a child. Parents of the school-going child are to be happy, satisfied with the academic progress of the child. In regard to relationships, you are to have a pleasant enjoyable time with near ones in the relationship. Some new meaningful relationship is likely to take shape this time around.  Jupiter is measured as a most benevolent planet. A personalized Transit Report of Jupiter (guru) can let you know about your prospects on occupational and financial front.

Sagittarius (Dhanu Rashi)

Sun rules the ninth house for your sign. The ninth house is about luck fortune. Sun now traverses the fourth house of your sign. This seems a good position for enhancing your prospects. The business person is to get a call from high worth customer for negotiating a deal. The business person is to kind of get overwhelmed by this. Your reputation as a reliable supplier of goods/ material in bulk is to enhance. You may incline to give a fresh look to exteriors of your abode. This seems good supportive time for conception to bear a child. This means good news for a couple trying to have a child. The student is to make a steady progress here. A student doing post graduation is to get useful tips from senior to learn things quickly. Lovebirds are to have an enjoyable time together. However, if keen on tying knots, this transit of Sun is not measured as auspicious. Owner of the grocery store and professional in the hospitality industry are to have gainful times here. For the prompt answer to your worries have a Phone consultation with our expert Astrologer in Delhi.

Capricorn (Makar Rashi)

Sun owns the eighth house for your sign. The eighth house is about longevity, inheritance, litigation and occult, spiritual advancement and sudden gain or loss. Sun is to pass through the third house for your sign. If you have not been much comfortable with your position and no way to move ahead, Sun here is to revive your fortune. You may now take a calculated risk to make the desired level of success. Relations with a sibling are to remain cordial here. You may need to do something for well being and betterment of sibling, acting as a big brother. Couple trying to have a child can get good news about conception. However, planets in the birth chart of a spouse can give precise indications. A student doing graduation is to remain attentive to studies. One doing post-graduation needs to be wary of distraction and remain committed to paying due attention to studies. A business person can get an encouraging result from short-term travel. The precise answer to one question related to Career.

Aquarius (Kumbh Rashi)

Sun owns the seventh house for your sign. Sun makes move through the second house for your sign. The second house is about finance and family among other things. Jupiter is the ruler of Pisces. Jupiter and Sun are friendly with each other. Sun here is indicative of an increase in family-related expenses. Expect more guests visiting you here. You may need to increase provision for the family. Sun here is not to push ahead of your financial prospects. For married one health partner for life may need attention. The student doing graduation may have difficulty in remembering effectively. Doing repeated revision helps in remembering effectively. For the business person, no major deal is likely to come up for negotiation. You have to be satisfied with stray gains during the routine. The job holder is to keep performing effectively. Parents of the school-going child may not be satisfied with the progress of the kid. If running a business in partnership, keep your partner in the loop about your action plan for development. Get 10-year prediction about various aspects of life, like Career, Business, Finance, and Health.

Pisces (Meen Rashi)

Sun is to now move over your Moon in Pisces. Sun rules the sixth house for your sign. The sixth house is about a health issue and adversity in general. Viewing this, the transit of Sun in Pisces does not sound a happy proposition. Your shortcoming is to come on your way to progress. You need to learn things which work well in pushing ahead your prospects. A kind of insecurity may grip your psyche. Some unexpected health issue may catch up with you. However, exalted Venus sailing with Sun is to provide respite for you. This seems good supportive time to follow your interest in creative kind of activities, like music, performing art and literature. With Jupiter now traversing in opposition to transiting Sun and your natal Moon, this is encouraging time for self-growth. The job holder is to have a busier routine. For the business person, this transits of Sun in Pisces nothing to offer to cheer about. Professional in the hospitality industry is likely to have gainful time here. Get right answer to issue in love

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