Vamana Jayanti

Published On : May 1, 2024  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Lord Vamana Jayanti And Its Importance

In the Hindu religion, Lord Vamana Jayanti is celebrated every year religiously and enthusiastically by the devotees, in Dwadashi of Shukla Paksha during Bhadrapada month, every year. Lord Vishnu assumed the divine incarnation of Vamana to shatter the arrogance of the demon king, Bali. The fear of Bali that gripped people dominating their souls was ended by Lord Vamana.

Though this incarnation of lord Vishnu happened in Sata Yuga due to some contrasting beliefs, it is believed to have taken place in Treta Yuga. It is believed that if devotees worship the golden statue of Lord Vamana, it would mean to bless them with a life filled with abundant peace, prosperity and auspicious results. Lord Vishnu is said to have assumed many incarnations to obliterate the evildoers and demonic forces from the earth.

The ancient Vedic texts claim that demon king Bali attained a boon that empowered him so much that he conquered the gods and claimed his ascendency in heaven. Meanwhile, he continued to expand his pious deeds of Yajna and almsgiving. Even his donating activity depicted his aura of arrogance because of which he asked everyone to demand anything and he would fulfil it at any cost. The incarnation of Lord Vamana is said to be connected with this incident.

When an arrogant demon attempts to expand his kingdom and terror uncontested, then Lord Vishnu assumes different types of incarnations to protect gods and his devotee humans. According to Goswami Tulsidas in his Shri Ramcharitmanas – जब-जबहोईधरमकेहानि।बाढ़हिअसुरअधमअभिमानी।।तब-तबप्रभुधरिविविधशरीरा।हरहिंकृपानिधिसज्जनपीरा। (Whenever Dharma is in peril on earth, and the demonic influences expands unbridled, then Lord takes His various divine forms to protect devotees.)

Even in Shrimad Bhagwat Gita, there is similar message regarding Lord Vishnu’s incarnations.

Lord’s Puja On Vamana Jayanti

Devotees should get up early in the morning, maintain self-purification and sanctity, finish a daily routine, take a bath, collect puja-related materials and keep them at a puja spot. Remember God and take Achamana. Ensconce golden statue of Lord Vishnu with Kalash and other things. If a golden statue of Lord Vishnu is not available, use any statue of the lord, and worship him with shodashopchar methods. Offer your prayers and puja to the lord, beg pardon for any mistake, and conclude your puja with devotions.

Story Of Lord Vamana Jayanti

Once demon king, Bali, out of sheer arrogance, attacked the gods, captured heaven and established his kingdom there. Seeing that his kingdom is no longer under his dominance, Lord Indra became upset. Even Dev Mata was also upset and so she prayed to Lord Vishnu, who granted her boon that he would assume divine incarnation as Vamana to end the tyranny of the demon king, Bali. And set her free from Bali’s terror.

When the right came, Lord Vishnu assumed the incarnation of Lord Vamana to the utter pleasure of gods and sages, who then prayed for this unique avatar of Lord Vishnu. Pleased by their devotions, lord Vamana assured gods and sages that he would soon give them respite from Bali’s terror. Meanwhile, king Bali organised a gigantic Yagna to reinforce his ascendency in heaven. As per the Vedic rules, any Yagna mandates respect guests and Brahmins.

However, king Bali was generous and hospitable by nature. When lord Vamana, disguised as a Brahmin, appeared at the Yagna of king Bali, there was divine radiance appearing around the surroundings of Yagna. Some people thought that the radiance was due to the appearance of Lord Vishnu but they were not sure either. Seeing the lord in Vamana form, king Bali welcomed him and prayed for him. Then he asked lord Vamana to demand anything and he would fulfil his wishes. Even though lord Vamana kept mum at his arrogance, the king insisted on taking something from him. At this, lord Vamana demanded three yards of land.

Bali made fun of his demand, saying three steps of land would not serve his purpose and that lord Vamana should demand something big. However, lord Vamana remained adamant about his demand. Though Bali was asked not to cater to the demand of Lord Vamana by Guru Sukracharya the king took Sankalp of giving three steps of land to lord Vamana. Then Lord Vishnu measured the earth with his one foot, and heaven with another foot, and when he asked Bali where to put his third step, ashamed Bali requested him to step on his forehead. Celebrating Vamana’s birth: a divine avatar’s humble manifestation remembered.

Pleasured by his generosity, Lord Vishnu granted him PatalLoka kingdom. King Bali asked for a boon from Lord Vishnu that he wants to see his face from every door he exits in PatalLoka. Lord Vishnu granted him the boon and so he had to spend four months in PatalLoka to honour the boon.

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