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Published On : March 10, 2019  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Here Is Astrological Insight About Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts – American Actress and Producer

Julia Fiona Roberts, American Actress and Producer was born on October 28, 1967, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. She is a noted film actress and producer in America. Julia’s cinematic career shot to prominence after Pretty Woman, a romantic comedy movie released in 1990 and which was a huge commercial success grossing total of 464 US dollar worldwide. The acting in films also won her nomination for four Academy Awards. In addition, she grabbed the eyeballs for her cinematic performance in the film, Erin Brockovich, and in recognition of her acting in the film, she was conferred to Academy Award for the best actress, an honor that contributed to her cinematic prominence as an American actress. Not only this, Julia earned herself an honorary recognition of being one of the most distinguished film personalities in terms of revenue generation, in light of the fact that her films did tremendous business and are said to have generated the revenue of over US$2.8 billion.

Julia acted in some of the most commercially and critically superhit movies, including Runaway Bride, Ocean’s Eleven, Valentine’s Day, Money Monster, and Wonder. The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (ATAS) awarded Julia the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie for her brilliant performance in the HBO television film The Normal Heart. In an era of 1990, Julia ruled the cinematic world as the most highest-paid actress in the world, and this can be understood with the fact that for acting in Pretty Woman, she charged US$300,000 and later in 2003, she took $25 million for acting in Mona Lisa Smile. The American magazine People named her five times the most beautiful woman in the world, an achievement still uncontested.

We at Pavitrajyotish are conducting an astrological analysis on the life of Julia Roberts. The narrative as follows is the astrological detail done meticulously by our expert astrologer.

Birth Details of Julia Roberts are as per given below:

Date of Birth: October 28, 1967, Birth Day: Saturday, Birth Time: 00:16:00, Birth Place: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Julia Roberts Horoscope Chart PavitraJyotish

Astrological Highlights

Julia Roberts, American Actress is born with Cancer Ascendant. Cancer Zodiac Sign is a movable first of water sign and ruled by Moon.

A complex one, both at its best and its worst, Cancer is one of the most intriguing signs of the Zodiac. Ruled by Moon, the moody, temperamental Cancer is sensitive, emotional, Watery Sign and can be closely associated to its animal symbol ‘Crab’. From being quiet and shy at a time to being outspoken, flamboyant and strong at others, Cancer is a sign of many extremes. They feel uncomfortable and vulnerable in the company of unknown people. They are ambitious and independent and dream to start their independent business venture. The Cancer natives can be great role model for their subordinates and peers. The Cancer natives are goal oriented and focused. Often the companions for life Cancer natives make loyal, devoted and possessive partners.

Ruler of the Ascendant Moon is in a fire sign Leo along with benefices Jupiter and Venus. All are positioned in the second house. Conjunction of Moon and Jupiter supports ‘Gaj Kesari Yoga’. This yoga works well to be in a very strong position on financial front. Julia Roberts, American Actress has big ticket money by her performance. Ruler of the second house mighty Sun is debilitated in air sign Libra and stationed in the fourth house along with retrograde Mercury and malefic Ketu. In this way Venus and Sun exchange sign with each other. This exchange of signs also works well to have financial abundance. Shadow planet Rahu is in a fire sign Aries and positioned in the tenth house. This position of Rahu induces her to exert more and have high level of motivation to achieve her objective. Mars is measured as most beneficial planet termed as ‘Yoga Karka’ for Cancer Ascendant. Mars is in last of fire sign Sagittarius and stationed in the sixth house. Mars here receives positive influence from Jupiter. Saturn rules the seventh house and also holds portfolio of the eighth house. Saturn is retrograde in last of water sign Pisces and positioned in the ninth house. Saturn and Mars have aspect on each other. This position enables Julia Roberts work hard and does things which push her prospects in general.

In Chalit Chart Venus shifts into the third house. Sun and retrograde Mercury shift into the fifth house. Wily Saturn shifts into the tenth house.

In Navmansha D9 chart Mars gets debilitated and looses strength to some extent.

Julia Roberts, American Actress is currently under the influence of Rahu sub period in major period of Rahu till around mid of October 2019. She will be then for rest part of the year under the influence of Jupiter sub period in major period of Rahu.Get Your Love and Marriage Prospects By PavitraJyotish

Effect of Transit by Major planets during the year 2019

Hard Task master Saturn Transit in a dual nature last of fire sign Sagittarius known for being optimistic. Saturn transits in Sagittarius for whole of the year 2019. Saturn moves through the sixth house. Saturn moving through crosses over radical position of Mars stationed therein. This movement of Saturn supports progressive forces to work effectively. Resultantly Julia Roberts, American Actress is to receive lot of acclaims from viewers of her show. At the same time Julia Roberts has to accept new challenges willingly and work hard over the same to push ahead her prospects.

Shadow planet currently transits in water sign Cancer. Rahu changes sign to enter a dual nature air sign Gemini on the 7th March. Rahu then moves through the 12th house. This movement of Rahu seems supportive to have new avenue to increase inflow of money for Julia Roberts, American Producer. However, she needs to keep her cool and have patience on her side. She may have to travel to many places. Julia Roberts, American Actress needs to take due care about her health here.

Malefic Ketu currently transit in last of earth sign Capricorn. From 7th March Ketu enters last of fire sign Sagittarius. Ketu then moves through the sixth house in company of wily Saturn. This movement of two malefic through the sixth house is to prove kind of challenging for Julia Roberts, American Producer. She needs to exert more to achieve her objective.

Benevolent Jupiter currently transits in a fix nature water sign Scorpio. Jupiter moves through the fifth house. Transiting Jupiter has positive influence over the Ascendant and the ninth house. Jupiter sends positive vibes over the ninth house along with Saturn positioned therein. These positive vibes are to support progressive forces to work effectively. In turn this leads to increase inflow of money for Julia Roberts, American Actress. A progressive and prosperous time for Julia Roberts is envisaged.Get your Personalised Horoscope Reading By PavitraJyotish

From 30th March Jupiter enters its own sign Sagittarius. Soon from 11th April Jupiter turns retrograde. From 23rd April Jupiter moving in retrograde mode reenters water sign Scorpio. Now Jupiter moves through the fifth house moving in retrograde mode. From 12th August Jupiter becomes direct in motion. This period of retrogression by Jupiter seems much eventful. Julia Roberts, American Producer is to be busier with her work of acting. However, from financial gain point of view things may not move favorably for Julia Roberts, American Producer. She needs to handle her finances much carefully. She needs to refrain from any fresh investments during this period of retrogression by Jupiter. This period seems much challenging for Julia Roberts.

From 5th November Jupiter again enters its own sign Sagittarius. Now Jupiter moves through the sixth house in company of malefic Ketu and hard task master Saturn. This movement of Jupiter is to work well for progressive forces to work effectively. She is not to have any constraints to march ahead on road to progress. She can spend money for charity here. No health issue is to bother her. This movement of Jupiter can be summed up as progressive and prosperous time for Julia Roberts, American Producer.

Summing up about movement of major planets during the year 2019, this period seems progressive and prosperous time for Julia Roberts, American Producer. In between she is to have kind of challenging time. She needs to accept new challenges willingly and work hard over the same to push ahead her prospects. Get Love Problems Solution from our Online Astrologer India.

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