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Published On : July 26, 2018  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Divine Significance Of Lord Shiva

Who is Lord Shiva?

In Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva is one of triumvirates consisting of three principal divine identities respectively known as Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, each holding the role for creation, upkeep/preserver, and destruction of the cosmic universe as whole. God Shiva, as per different narratives of mythological books worldwide is the INFINITE DIVINE, which means there is no START and no END beyond HIM, thus he is called the divinity of eternity, Parabrahma or GOD OF UN-MANIFESTED IDENTITY or FORMLESS DIVINE BEING symbolized in historic manifestation of “OM” that is said to be the most powerful mantra for eliminating powerful malefic energy force effectively.

To be noted here is the fact that Lord Shiva is responsible for destruction of the universe not in negative sense but positively, as he does so when the balance of the universe is lopsided and so the requirement of recreating a new world order by eliminating the force of illusions and imperfections stands mandatory. Only then the divine force of Shiva steps in as a destroyer of evil force from its core origins in order to restore peaceful and harmonious world order.

Attributes of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva bears the appearance of blue color. Although it is his face and throat that is particularly bluish as rest of his physique is of white color, but because of pictorial representation in countless images, it is believed that lord Shiva bears bluish appearance.

Lord Shiva has THIRD EYE which is known as Tryambakam and is said to bring total annihilation onto the world if Shiva’s Third Eye opens. Lord Shiva is always in MEDITATIVE POSE which sort of gives him recognition of Yogi or Lord of Yoga who dwells on Himalayan Mount of Kailash.

Attributes of Lord Shiva By PavitraJyotish

Other attributes of Lord Shiva:

  • Ashes: He is smeared with ashes or Bhashma which symbolically tells that every material entity in the world and universe comes of its final (ashen) ending.
  • Sickle/crescent moon: Moon bearing crescent shape rests on the head of Lord Shiva, calling him Chandrasekhar connecting to the time-honored tale when Rudra, the key deity of Rudra-Shiva, was in its prime.
  • Goddess Ganga: Lord Shiva is bearer of Maa Ganga nestling in his matted hair. Because of that, Shiva is also called Gangadhara, the carrier of the river Ganga.
  • Nandi: Nandi bull serves as the mount of lord Shiva.
  • Kailash: Mount Kailash is the dwelling place of Shiva. Vedas refer Mount Kailash as the center of the universe.
  • Tiger skin: In various pictorial details, Lord Shiva is shown seated upon tiger skin.
  • Cobra: Serpent cobra rests around Shiva’s neck in coiled pose.
  • Trishul:  Lord Shiva holds Trishul (trident) in his hand. It is said that none but Shiva and Shakti can pick up the trident as they are capable of bearing its infinite powerful energy.
  • Damru: Lord Shiva is famously represented holding a damru in his hand; especially the pose is notable during his NATARAJA depiction.
  • Rudraksha rosary: the rosary beads of Original Rudraksha bear symbolic of grace, meditation and hermit life.

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Birth of Lord Shiva

The origin of lord Shiva is quite divisive as no evidence has led to any definite conclusion so far about who birthed Shiva. While mythology calls him AADIDEV (the oldest god), Puranas describe him as the God of Un-manifested identity, meaning Shiva bears no biological connection to his origin. He is the result of automatic creation.

However, some mythological references indicate that Brahma and Vishnu birthed Shiva. In another story to prove infinity of lord Shiva, it is said that once Brahma and Vishnu tried to find the pillar of the universe. Brahma as goose and Vishnu as boar initiated a quest that went on eons only to find lord Shiva at the end, thus leading to the realization that none but Shiva alone is the force of the universe.

Avatars of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva bears different avatars known as Virabhadra as a destroyer of King Daksha’ syagna, and Kaal Bhairav as a protector of Sati Pind. However, the most notable avatar of Shiva has been Lord Hanuman that he took to serve Lord Vishnu’s Rama Avatar in Treta Yuga.

Lord Shiva as Neelkanth

The throat of lord Shiva as neelkanth bears dark blue color as the result of poisonous Halahala he drank to protect the universe from an unimaginable destruction. According to a mythological description, during churning of Ksheer Sagar by Devas and Ashuras, among many precious things which churned out of the milky sea, there also came out a goblet of poisonous Halahala during the process.

The power of the venom was so strong that it oozed fiery vapors from the goblet fainting those bearing presence near to the chalice, thus terrifying Gods and Ashuras in that abrupt mayhem. Then devas and Ashuras sought intervention of Lord Shiva, as he was the only Supreme Almighty Being to have the capacity of bearing up the destructive poisons.

As it happened, Lord Shiva rescued not only the Gods and Ashuras; he rescued the entire universe from an impending doom by drinking every drop of the venom from the goblet. As a result of savoring the Halahala, the parts around his throat turned dark blue, thus naming him NEELKANTH since then.

Lord Shiva as Neelkanth By PavitraJyotish

Importance of Lord Shiva Puja

Lord Shiva is the Supreme Almighty Being and is chief part of triumvirates responsible for maintaining a systematic balance in the universe by destroying undesired elements or negative energy force. He is said to be the god of unimagined manifestations. Besides, importance of lord Shiva is described as the most merciful, generous and kind-hearted deity. It is believed that if any devotee worships him even without much knowledge about mantras and ingredients for Shiva puja, he/she pleases the god beyond words.

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Shravan Maas And Mahashivratri Shiva Puja Benefits

Though benefits of worshiping lord Shiva is bound to happen in every day of whatever month or year you choose, but Shravan or Mahashivaratri is considered the most auspicious time in which the omnipotent lord Shiva is at his pinnacle of benevolence. Shravan Mass Festival or Mahashivratri Festival has special place in the narratives of mythological books, calling it suitable time for every devotee of lord Shiva to gain his divine blessing and solution to any problem caused by unfavorable celestial force in their lives.

Shiva puja during Mahashivratri or Shravan month benefits:

  • Problems in your life caused by planetary Doshas, like Rahu-Ketu, Saturn or malefic transit of Mangal will be removed thus, blessing you with peace and growth that was once lost due to negative celestial force.
  • Female devotees gain noble husbands if they worship lord Shiva by heart and devotion.
  • Shiv puja is the ultimate answer for spiritual salvation. Make sure you follow every ritual and mantra down on Puranas on the guidance of Pandit Ji.
  • Improvement of spiritual conscience in devotees grows up.
  • Peace, prosperity and other gainful results follow with shiv puja during Mahashivratri month.

Products Related To Shiv Puja during Mahashivratri

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