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Published On : August 13, 2019  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Astrology And Its Deep Analysis On Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise – American Actor and Film Producer

Tom Cruise, American Actor and Film Producer or better known as Thomas Cruise worldwide is one of the most prolific, distinguished and highly celebrated Hollywood icons, and film producer. He was born in Syracuse, New York. His mother Mary Lee was a special educational teacher and father, Thomas Cruise Map other III was an electrical engineer. Lee Anne, Marian, and Cass are sisters of Tom Cruise. He is said to have witnessed poverty closely during childhood, underwent catholic upbringing, spent childhood in Canada, attended Robert Hopkins Public School after his family moved to Beacon Hill, Ottawa in late 1971, and later Tom had contributed a great play to music at the Carleton Elementary School drama festival. His mother married to Jack South after leaving her first husband who was later died of cancer in 1984. The preliminary interest of Tom regarding his career-move gravitated more on becoming a catholic priest than an actor. Interestingly, throughout his 14 years of childhood, he had attended 15 schools. Acting career of Tom started off in early 1980s. Comedy film, Risky Business which was released in the year 1983, and Top Gun, an action drama film of 1986 proved to be cinematic milestones for his career as he was lauded with critical responses from critics for those movies. Later, he made breakthroughs for his role in the drama films – The Color of Money (1986), Rain Man (1988), and Born on the Fourth of July (1989). He became one of the most distinguished Hollywood actors in 1990s. His movies yielded impressive commercial revenues and awards, including his second Oscar nomination for a romantic comedy-drama, Jerry Maguire. Another drama film, Maguire earned Tom his third Golden Globe and a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. His portrayal as Ethan Hunt in commercially successful film franchises – Mission Impossible (all 6 films from 1996 to 2018) established him as a worldwide actor, not to mention which accentuated prodigiousness of his acting caliber as an action star. From mere drama films to action and science fiction movies, Tom delivered hefty performance that was unmistakably breathtaking, superb and unforgettable as per the reviews of films critics. Tom, one of the highest-grossing actors of all time, is the recipient of several accolades for his scintillating works, including three Golden Globe Awards and nominations for three Academy Awards. Tom has been married and divorced thrice and is father of three children, out of which one is biological and two are adopted.

We at PavitraJyotish are conducting an astrological analysis on the life globally-famed Hollywood star, Tom Cruise, in the following horoscope chart and details reflecting the same.

Birth Details of Tom Cruise are as per given below:

Date of Birth: July 03, 1962, Birth Day: Tuesday, Birth Time: 03:20:00 hrs, Birth Place: Syracuse, NY, USA

Tom Cruise Horoscope Chart PavitraJyotish

Astrological Highlights

Tom Cruise, American Actor and Film Producer is born with Gemini Ascendant. Gemini is a dual nature first of air sign and ruled by Mercury.

Gemini, the third Sign of the Zodiac, is symbolized by ‘the Twins’. The commonly known and accepted belief is that the Twins possess a dual nature, and half of the times, you will be left guessing which of their side is going to show up. The behavior of Gemini can be compared with functioning our nervous system, which transmits signals from body parts to the brain and vice-versa. The Twins, too, are often messengers, simply, conveying what they see and hear, many times without bothering to check the authenticity of the information. This Air Sign is, well, airy –versatile, adaptable and in fact too mutable for comfort. Communication is the buzzword for them, and it, in all forms, holds special importance in their life.

Mighty Sun is in Gemini and positioned in the first house, alias the Ascendant. Moon rules the second house, linked with finance mainly.  Moon is in own sign Cancer along with shadow planet Rahu and Venus and positioned in own house the second house. This position seems to favor Tom Cruise, Film Producer to become wealthy, richer. Ruler of the Ascendant Mercury is in a fix nature earth sign Taurus along with Mars. Both are stationed in the 12th house. This position works well for Tom Cruise to own property. Jupiter rules the seventh house, and also holds the portfolio of the tenth house, linked with occupation. Jupiter is retrograde in a fix nature last of air sign Aquarius and positioned in the ninth house to support best of ‘Raj Yoga’. Saturn rules the ninth and the eighth house. Saturn is retrograde in own sign Capricorn along with malefic Ketu and stationed in the eighth house. This can lead to some health issue initially.

In chalit alias divisional chart, Mercury shifts into the first house, Sun shifts into the second house, Moon and shadow planet Rahu shift into the third house, Saturn and malefic Ketu moves into the ninth house and benevolent Jupiter makes move into the tenth house.Get your Life Reading Report By PavitraJyotish

Effect of Transits by Major planets on Prospects of Tom Cruise in near future

Hard task master Saturn Transit in a last of fire sign Sagittarius for whole of the year 2019 and beyond. Now Saturn moves through the seventh house in company of malefic Ketu. Saturn and Ketu move through the eighth house according to divisional chart. This movement of two malefic presents new challenges for Tom Cruise, American Actor and Film Producer. He has to exert more and accept new challenges willingly and keep working over the same to enhance his reputation as a much talented actor. This period seems eventful, progressive challenging as well for Tom Cruise, American Actor.

Shadow planet Rahu Transit in air sign Gemini. Rahu moves through the first house alias the Ascendant. Rahu moving in Gemini, crosses over radical position of Sun positioned therein. Viewing this, Tom Cruise needs to be careful while signing new assignment. He needs to attend to minute details in the document. Tom Cruise, American Actor and Film Producer needs to avoid conflict and keep off from any kind of controversy. Overall, this movement of Rahu indicates much eventful and progressive for Tom Cruise, Film Producer.

Benevolent Jupiter transits in a fix nature water sign Scorpio currently. From around mid of August 2019, movement of Jupiter is to favor Tom Cruise to make encouraging progress in his occupation as actor and producer. He is to have opportunity to recover lost ground earlier. This movement of Jupiter indicates much progressive and prosperous in coming times.

From 5th November 2019, Jupiter enters own sign Sagittarius. Jupiter moves through the seventh house, in company of Saturn and malefic Ketu. This movement of Jupiter works well to minimize evil effect of two malefic. Tom Cruise, American Actor and Film Producer is to have more freedom to perform and able to exhibit his ability, hidden talent and versatility. This movement of Jupiter indicates much eventful, progressive and prosperous time ahead for Tom Cruise.

Saturn enters own sign Capricorn from around end of January 2020. Now it is Saturn return for Tom Cruise. Saturn moves through the eighth house and progressively moves through the ninth house, linked with luck in general. The movement of Saturn works well Tom Cruise to further consolidate his position as a much talented actor and versatile producer as well. At the same time Tom Cruise, American Actor needs to be much careful about health.

Overall, two major planets are to transit in their own sign surely indicates much eventful, challenging to some extent, much progressive and adding to his prosperity in time ahead.

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